Live Screening

Official Selection

February - 2019

Dream for Happiness2.jpg

Medium Rare, By Luca Cioci. Italy

Second Breath, By Levkaovitch Antony. France

Soul De Selene, By Sid Singh. United States     


Dream For Happiness, By Irina Velichkova. Bulgaria   


For It Is Written, By Daniel Ståhl. Sweden    


The Stop, By Komrakova Liudmila. Russian Federation

Anacronte, By Raúl Koler, Emiliano Sette. Argentina

The Role Of A Lifetime, By Marc Saez. France

Just A Breath, By Genty Henri. France

Binary Code, By Joaquin Manuel Ramos Carvallo. Spain  

Venue: Burgos 400, Rancagua, O'Higgins, Chile
at February 18th, 21:00