Live Screening

Official Selection

July - 2019

Thoughts Engine2.jpg

Alba, By Elizabeth Soto Lara. United States

The Drone, By Wojciech Lorenc. United States

Breaking The I.C.E, By Alejandra Hinojosa. United States

All That's Left, By Salvaire Hugo. Belgium

Thoughts Engine, By Senén Fernández. Spain

Lullaby, By Roger Villarroya. Spain

Nucleus, By Tobias Bieseke. Germany

A Small Mistake, By William Weinig. United States

The Void In Joy, By Si Berg. Australia

Playing With Snowballs In The Prison Of Time, by John Seddon & Vaibhav Kaul. India

Venue: Burgos 400, Rancagua, O'Higgins, Chile
at July 18th, 21:00