Live Screening

Official Selection

June - 2020

Black & White2.jpg

Meow, By Yu Shu Grace Wang. United States

The Winter, By Xin Li. Australia

2020 Brushstroke, By Tsai Hsi Hung. United States

Carnival, By Lia Wang. United States

Black & White, By Wai Kuen Fu. United States

Flycatcher, By Guillermo Trujillo Accini. Colombia

Over Wheels, By Rubén Pascual Tardío. Spain

The Eve, By Luca Machnich

Postcards From The Island, By Cristina Ballesteros. United Kingdom

A Deadly Charter, By Hank Slaughter. United States

Venue: Burgos 400, Rancagua, O'Higgins, Chile
at June 18th, 21:00