Live Screening

Official Selection

January - 2021

Panama Shock.jpeg

Take A Look, By Yody Sanchez. United States

Feel The Love – Winter, By Sven Allenbach. Switzerland

House Of La Reine, By Lisa Marie Tedesco. United States

Something To Live For, By Adva Reichman. United States

The Master, By Yinghao Li. China

Fauna, By Davide Fiore. United States

The Crossing, By Julio C Palacio. United States

Good Fengshui, By Yurong Xu. China

Obsessions, By Sergio A. Delgado. Peru

The Lake, By Irene Blanco. Spain

Venue: Burgos 400, Rancagua, O'Higgins, Chile
at January 18th, 21:00