Live Screening

Official Selection

June - 2021

Spanish olive grove.jpeg

Zemis Part I, By Joshua Lopez. United States

Tricot, By Jacopo Greco D'alceo. France

There's No Hell Like Home, By Russell Southam. Australia

Energize Your Communications, By Christoph Göttel. Switzerland

The List, By Luciana De Oliveira. Brazil

Pinnacle, By Tom Frauches, Vinicius Scalzilli, Matheus Seabra, Vinicius Romadel, Filipe Leon. Brazil

Desolvido, By Andrés Roa Ariza. Colombia

Inside The Outset, Evoking A Space Of Passage, By Rosa Barba. Italy

See You, By Caesar Nie. China

Venue: Burgos 400, Rancagua, O'Higgins, Chile
at June 18th, 21:00