Live Screening

Official Selection

September - 2021

The Laws of the Universe.jpeg

Love Comes Quietly, By George Kostopoulos. United States

Stay Safe, By Miha Mazzini. Slovenia

History Of The Olympic Games, By Christian Hernández Sánchez. Mexico

Walls That Matter, By Tanmay Shah. India

Goodbye, Susana, By Rubén Pascual Tardío, Chando Luna. Spain

Are You Chasing A Feeling ?, By Theo Kapetanakis. Greece

The Big Apple Grind, By Bruno Taniguchi. United States

Nadia Mejia's. Ai Driven Interactive Food Film, By A.J. Kamdar. United States

Ni Kallatho, By Sujay Putchala, Mahaveer Abhimanyu. United States

Let Me Ride, By Benjamin Muñoz Alonso, Pablo Álvarez Villaver. Spain

Venue: Burgos 400, Rancagua, O'Higgins, Chile
at September 18th, 21:00