Official Selection

Official Selection

July - 2018

Short Films

500, By Bogdan Albu. Romania  

A22, By Eva Amann. Austria        

Anti-Social Club, By Danny Germansen. Denmark

Children's Adult World, By Aleksandr Shestakov. Russian Federation

Der Junge Am Bahnsteig 3, By Michael Daniel Vetter. Germany       

End Of, By Iasen Sokolov. Spain 

Flatman, By Philipp Bürge. Switzerland   

Goodnight, Gracie, By Stellan Kendrick. United States

I Love You Truly, By Ian Woodward. United Kingdom

In A Flash, By Matt Green, Chad Fuller. United States.

Left Behind, By Kyle Garrett. United Kingdom

Long Life Sutra, By Kostas Chritis. Greece

Lotófago, By Christopher Vallefin. Spain

Love In A Negative, By Bhurin Treetampinich. Thailand    

Mama Qota, By Marianne Asher, Rodrigo Otero & Maja Tillman. Peru

Nobody Else, By Mandy Chase. United States

Noción, By Arturo López Rodas. El Salvador

Ode To An Urn, By Zak Mir. United States                

Pas-An, By Geraldo B. Jumawan And Sherwin S. Compendio. Philippines   

Playground, A Short Poetic Film, By Amber Agha. United Kingdom

Red & The Kingdom Of Sound, By Phil Gomm. United Kingdom     

Red Is Dead, By Robyn Keetley. United Kingdom

Riding Through Life With Love By My Side, By Gary Winstead. United States                         

Stair/Cases, By Margarita Bali. Argentina             

The Bones Under The Skin, By Marlene Pardeller. Germany

The Killer Of The Saw, By James Remar. United States

The Oriole, By Yan Yijie. China

The Projectionist, By Greg Pursino. United States                   

The Telephone, By Stuart Wheeldon. United Kingdom

To My 5th Great-Grandmother, By Magda Fernandez. United States            

We Belong Together, By Gustav Bondeson. Sweden

Why?, By Dan Estévez. Spain

You're Dead, America, By Jovan Todorovic. United States

Feature Films


13 Mysteries, By Julia Noel. United States            

Chavismo: The Plague Of The Xxi Century, By Gustavo Tovar-Arroyo. United States            

Exit Thread, By Paul Kimball. Canada       

I Got The Land, By Francescu Artily. France               

Ming... Voice Of Deception, By Brian Lutes. Canada         

Prisoners Of Time, By Brian Lutes. Canada           

The Cuckoo In The Clock, By Paul Andrew Kimball. Canada            

The Goodbye Girl, By Aidey Pugh. United Kingdom            

The Percy Harris Story, By Brian Lutes. Canada    

The Reality Behind What We See. The Poet, Yoshimasu Gozo, In Kyoto, By Haruo Inoue. Japan

Ultravokal, By Christophe Karabache. France                     

Urban Inferno: The Night Santa Rosa Burned, By Stephen Seager. United States


Musical Videos


Love Ghost- Scarlet Letter, By Michael Greene. United States      

The Flowing River, By Peter Castell. Canada

The Letting Go, By Tyler Mcelrath. United States


Screenplay Short Film

Cowardly Faith, By Mariah Desmonds. France

Nothing Calms My Pain, Aurelio Pastrana. Colombia

Off Track, By Emmet O'brien. Ireland