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Rules & Regulations

SFAAF is the film festival that combines a monthly presentation and an annual party, as well as being an online viewing site. SFAAF is a festival of the arts, which includes cinema, music video, web series, theater, music, advertising, photography, among others.

Monthly Film Festival with Live Screening:  where the awards of the FILM OF THE MONTH will be awarded in each category.

Important: Only your movie will be placed online, if you wish. There must be an express acceptance of you; Otherwise, only the trailer will be posted online.

- Winner Certificate -

- Official Selection Certificate - 

- Statuette SFAAF -


Submission Way

Official Selection






Musical show

South Film and Arts Academy Festival


- Winner Certificate - The monthly winners at each categories receive a digital certificate, in addition to the Laurel Festival. 

To obtain your SFAAF winner certificate, you follow these steps:

Cost: $ 12 per certificate             

Pay to paypal address:

Indicate: name, award.

Then, we will send your certificates online.

- Official Selection Certificate - The films that are Official Selection in the month receive a Selection Laurel.

- Statuette SFAAF - The monthly winners at each categories receive a Trophy. The winners may order one or more statuettes, for $ 180 more shipping per each.

Best Student Short film

Best Drama Short film

Best Comedy Short film

Best Horror Short film

Best Thriller Short film

Best Crime Short film

Best Mystery Short film

Best Fantasy Short film

Best Sci-Fi  Short film

Best LGBTQ Short film

Best Animation Short film

Best Experimental Film

Best Documentary Short film

Best Indie Short film

Best  Student feature

Best  Drama feature

Best  Comedy feature

Best  Horror feature

Best  Thriller feature

Best  Crime feature

Best  Mystery feature

Best  Fantasy feature

Best  Sci-Fi  feature

Best  LGBTQ feature

Best  Animation feature

Best  Experimental feature

Best  Documentary feature

Best  Indie feature

Best  First film by the director


Best Web Series

Best Music Video

Best Trailer or teaser

Best Commercial  Video

Best Screenplay Short film


Best Director

Best First Time Director

Best Lead Actor

Best Lead Actress

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress

Best Young Actor (<18)

Best Young Actress (<18)

Best Cinematography

Best Art Direction

Best Editing

Best Original Score

Best Sound Design

Best Visual Effects

Young Director Award

Female Director Award

--- Networks Awards

--- Audience Awards


--Theatre Awards--

Best Play

Best Book


-- Musical show:

Best Group musical show.

Best Individual  musical show.


Language: The films must include English or spanish subtitles (unless the spoken language is English).

Double presentation:  Authors can only submit the same entry every month if their film didn’t win any awards.

Genry &  Extension of films: Short films as well as feature films of any genre and format up to 35 minutes (short films) and 140 minutes (feature films) are accepted.

Screenplays: Filmmakers can enter their screenplay (of any genre, up to 40 pages) to the competition. They will not be published anywhere.


Submission Way

A filmmaker can submit their films and works online through online film festival partner's; or submit entries via film form available on the festival website. 

All ‘Film of the Month’ winners will be entered into a special annual ceremony, a three-day micro-festival with Live screening, where the Jury will award the Film of the year awards in each category.


Official Selection

The films chosen by the Jury for the monthly competition, will form the Official Selection of the month. The filmmaker is notified via email and through the festival´s partner where he made the submission.



The monthly competition starts on the 15th of each month and ends on the 12th of the following month. The Official Selection will be announced on the 14th of each month; And the next Saturday will be the Live screening of the best movies of the month. On Sunday, the winning films of the month will be announced.



The filmmaker/institution that is submitting the film must own the rights to do so and is responsible for the content they are providing. 

Only your movie will be placed online, if you wish. There must be an express acceptance of you; Otherwise, only the trailer will be posted online.



The applicant agrees to have read and accepted the rules & regulations for participation in the South Film and Arts Academy Festival.

The applicant confirms that he/she has the requisite authority  or has obtained the requisite authority from the producer/right holder to enter this film in the SUFAAF.


The categories of the festival are as follows:

Student Short film

Drama Short film

Comedy Short film

Horror Short film

Thriller Short film

Crime Short film

Mystery Short film

Fantasy Short film

Sci-Fi  Short film

LGBTQ Short film

Animation Short film

Experimental Film

Documentary Short film

Indie Short film

First film by the director

Student feature

Drama feature

Comedy feature

Horror feature

Thriller feature

Crime feature

Mystery feature

Fantasy feature

Sci-Fi  feature

LGBTQ feature

Animation feature

Experimental feature

Documentary feature

Indie feature

First film by the director


Web Serie

Music Video

Trailer or teaser

Commercial  Video

Screenplay Short film



First Time Director

Lead Actor

Lead Actress

Supporting Actor

Supporting Actress

Young Actor (<18)

Young Actress (<18)


Art Direction


Original Score

Sound Design

Visual Effects

Young Director

Female Director

--- Networks Awards: When you submit  the movie, it will be placed on Facebook. To vote for her you must give Like to the festival page and place a comment on the publication of the film. The winning films will be the ones that more comments achieve in their publication of Facebook.

--- Audience Awards: Audience votes on Live screening day.


--Theatre Awards--



The theater show Must be filmed


-- Musical show Awards--

Group musical show

Individual  musical show

Must be filmed. We accept orchestras, musical groups, individual shows, etc.

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