Official Selection

Official Selection

August - 2018


Short Films

A Ferry Tale, By Mehmet Tığlı. Turkey     

Angels Never Cry, By Lok Kwan Woo. United States

Azul, By Victor Luis Grullȯn. United States

Basically Woman, By Paul Jenny. United States

Bed, By Amy Goldstein, United States, 2018

Before Oblivion, By Ferenc Rakoczy. Switzerland

Breaking The Cocoon, By Arindam Barooah. India            

Captives, By Raúl Ferral Sánchez. Mexico             

D.A.T.E, By Sai Deodhar Anand. India      

Driver / Predator, By Gerald Habarth. United States         

East Broadway, By Han Hao. China

Far Away, By Nicolas Van Ruychevelt. Belgium    

Frank Is Frank, By Nathaly Martins. Canada

I Am The Sea Of Chile, By Maria Isabel Hermoso Beltran. Chile

I Love You Kuba, By Thiago Bowers, United States, 2018

I Remember Your Laugh, By Jim Todd, United States, 2018

I See You See I See You, By Chen Jiexiao. Singapore                        

Icons, By Ronnie Cramer. United States

Lafayette, The Hub City, By Javier Ortiz Pereyra. United States

Last Breach, By Christos Filippou. Greece.

Leak, By Gabriel Inghilterra. United States               

Light From Above, By Bernie Brightman. United States

Minneapolis, By Ray Mclinced. United States       

New Life, By Rumpa Chowdhury. United States

Phantom, By Jeff Lucca. United States    

Rebirth, By Amar Jyoti Jha. India

Sandwich, By Lorand Banner Szucs. Hungary

The Girl And The Hegehog, By Linya Hu. United States     

The Queen, By Hugo Teugels. Belgium

The Riddle, By Georgia Chioni. Greece    

The Shroud, By Marie Vandelannoote. France

The Silent Good, By Patricia González Osorio. Spain

Until Dawn Comes, By Aarón Acuña. Costa Rica

Vous, By Pari Antoniou. Greece 

What A Fright, By Mauricio Zapata. United States                

Feature Films


Agadah, By Alberto Rondalli. Italy                 

Bent On Somnolence, By Timothy Mccarthy. United States

Chuskit, By Priya Ramasubban. India          

Claudia Tocada Por La Luna, By Francisco Aguilar. Chile  

Every Nation Worships The Practical God, By The Church Of Almighty God, Republic Of Korea       

Lights, By Alfredo Contreras. Spain                            

Repression In Paradise, By Alving Garcia. United States

Start Up A War. Psychology Of A Conflict., By Sara Reginella. Italy

Suns And Dreams, By Luciana Mazza Toimil. Argentina

The Heart Of Hadiah Tromp, By Erik De Bruyn. Netherlands

The Sessions, By Bobby Pimentel. United States  

Toren, By Nawzad Shekhany. Germany

Musical Videos


Elephants In Cobweb, By Anny Briseux, France, 2018

No Title, By Luiza Waichel. Brazil             

Sick, By Adriana Hopin, United States, 2018

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