Official Selection

Official Selection

October - 2018

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Short Films

A Bullet - Sam’s Confession, By Tsai Tsai. Taiwan

A Date With Shillelagh, By Jeff Stewart, Brian Johnston. United Kingdom      

À Espera Do Trem, By Cleuberth Choi. Brazil

Ali, By Gabriel Bucher. Chile

Being, By Walter Ungerer, United States

Beyond Darkness, By Mishaal Almanaa. Kuwait   

Cats!, By Paul Russell. Malaysia

Deep Waters, By Tiago Nery. Brazil         

Embers, By Marnix Sixma. Netherlands

Exigency, By Chen Jiexiao. Singapore

Farce, By Paige Irene Bruns. United States

Flying With The Crow. Hieronim Januszyk.  Poland

Gasp, By Constance Mcintyre. United States        

Gender Equality: Starting The Conversation, By Jamie Song. Korea

Going Through With It, By Mike Mcdougall. United Arab Emirates

Harmless, By Vishesh Mankal. India         

Heavenkid, By Derrick, Yung-Te, Wu. Taiwan

Irish Catholic, By Bob Jones. United States           

Let Me Soar High!, By Suujoy J. Mukerji. India

Moving On, By Darren Summersby. Canada         

Odyssey, By Hirokl Ito, Japan      

Passion Week, By Edi Mils. Italy    

Reset, Henry Pzheihmer. Hong Kong

Rhapsody In Blue, By Maria Carolina Salomè. Italy            

Sacred! Music From The Heart, By Ian Woodward. United Kingdom

Siri - The Living Scarecrow, By Dabboo Malik. India          

Tele-Phone, By Mansoor Ahmed. United States

The Blissful Accidental Death, By Sergiu Negulici. Romania           

The Broken Forest, By Alfredo Uzeta. Mexico      

The Glance, By Geraldo Jumawan/ Sherwin Compendio. Philippines          

The Man Of The Trees, By Andrea Trivero. Italy  

Too Many Ghosts, By Ian Woodward. United Kingdom    

Under Your Skin, By Felice Antignani. Italy

Undersee, By Margie Kelk, Lynne Slater. Canada

Yellow, By Paul J Lane. United Kingdom

You Are A Good Kid, By Zichen Liang. United States             

Zola, By Vivian Bausch. Austria         

Feature Films


A Kind Hearted Man, By Ganesh Gurung. Nepal   

Chandan Van, By Santhosh Shetty Kateel. India

Child, Come Back Home, By The Church Of Almighty God. France

Eva´S Apple, By Jose Manuel Colon. Spain            

The Last Hours Of Che Guevara, By Miranda Belen Lima Torpoco. Spain 

The Perception, By Jensen Noen

Upstate Story, By Shaun Rose. United States

What Is Classic Rock?, By Daniel Sarkissian. Canada

When Banana Ruled, By Mathilde Damoisel. France         

Web Serie


Disastrous Con-Sequences, By Sebastian Sacur. Argentina

Dollhouse, By Mariya Ranieli. United States

Dorien, By K.Prada, J.Prada. Spain                          


Musical Video

Paroxysm, by Joseph Chambers. United States

To bring a fairy tale, by Francesco Mathers. Canada

Wasted Time, By Grey Smoley. United States

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