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Official Selection

Official Selection

November - 2018


Short Films

Alea Jacta Est!, By Daniel Jenny. France

And They Lived, By Meitar Paz & Javier Espinoza. United States

Another Day In Paradise, By Bellopropello. Switzerland   

Blown Away, By Sadie Duarte. Spain       

Breakfast With Tiffany, By Andres Molano Moncada. Colombia

Brief Encounter, By Dimitris Panakis. Greece          

C.O.D.A., By Veru Rodríguez Rodríguez. Spain     

Cupid Is Not A Terrorist, By Bellopropello. Switzerland    

Dmus, By Sadie Duarte. Spain

Emotional Distress, By Matt Holt, Wayne Kelly. United Kingdom  

Geometry, By Simo Liu. United States          

In My Skin, By Anna Sanmartí, Dina Obeso. Spain

Indigestion, By Alberto Martín-Aragón. Spain

Indignance, By Chen Jiexiao. Singapore

Insurance Can Be Sometime A Dangerous Game!, By Daniel Jenny. France             

Kissy Cousins Monster Babies, By Wayne Keeley. United States

Lemonade Stand, By Ian Erlandson. United States             

Luna Rossa, By Andres Irias. United States

Mixed Orders, By Ricky Cruz. United States          

Moving On, By Darren Summersby. Canada         

Odin River, By Barbara Glas. United Kingdom      

Practices From Beyond. Francesco Santoro.  Italy

Saturn Through The Telescope, By Didac Gimeno. Spain  

The Crimson Flower, By Sebastian Jaimes Ramos. Mexico

The Outsider, By Yudhajit Basu, Prithvijoy Ganguly. India

The Red Rose, By Ian Woodward. United Kingdom           

The Song Of Burying Flower, By Xiaohan Ma. China

Tibetan Treasure, Thangka, By Xiaohan Ma. China

Tracce Sulla Cenere, By Andrea Umberto Origlia. Italy

Feature Films


House Of Beasts, By Diego Carballo, Daniel Carlón. Spain

Indus Blues, By Jawad Sharif. Pakistan  

Kutumberi Saino, By Ganesh Gurung. Nepal         

Li'l Mayne And The Knuckleheads, By Brian K. Burns. United States

The Devil Advances Fast, By Chloe Moore. United States

The Moon, By Max Jordan. United States

The Rowdy Folks, By Vimala Perumal. Malaysia

Uns, By Singh Sahab. India

Web Serie


Children Of Straw, By Robert Grrenfield. United States

The Hot Mess Express, By Jennifer Hathaway , Linzy Cox. United States   

The Roundabout Of The City, By Daniel Mcbain. United States


Musical Video

Alfonso - I'm Happy, By William9. Italy   

Her Name Is Anna, By Bob Kennis. United States

My Beloved, Please Wait For Me, By The Church Of Almighty God. Korea

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