Official Selection

Official Selection

December - 2018

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Short Films

Ashes Two Dust, By Maura Freeman. United States

Billy's Bear, By Zhihui Yang. United States

Birth, By Andrea Cecconati. Italy

Bloody Christmas, By Janis Dean. United States

Electricity, By Carlin Badillo. Spain           

Gifts From Babylon, By Bas Ackermann, Amadou A Silah, Babucar Manka, Modou Joof. Gambia    

Gwyr Ii Vision Of Times, By Georgios Dimitropoulos. United Kingdom       

Hands, By Louis James Ponesse Jr. United States

Helen, By Camila Rizzo. United States              

I Love The Blues, By Gregg Kolev. United States  

I Saw You Pass, By Michael Sannes. United States

Idyllic, By Vincent Cassal. France

In-Finity, By Noé Aguilera Momplet. Spain

January Damn, By Katty O´Brien. United Kingdom             

Live, By Matthias Diadlova. United States

Loose Pieces, By Derrick Brodt. United States          

Missing You, Forgetting You, By Anna Daniels. Australia

Mountain, Priest, Son, By John Seddon, Vaibhav Kaul. India

Person Of My Days, By Yussev Kosh. United States              

Sleepless, By Christian Ludwig. Germany

Slides. Andres Padilla.  United States

Slow Pace, By Susana Pollard. Canada    

Swear By Apollo, By Daniel Bethencourt. Venezuela         

The Other Woman, Zizi's Dream, By Zizi Rincolisky. Ireland

The Pain In Her Voice, By Matt Jones. United Kingdom    

The Sandals Of Jesus, By João Couto. Peru

Trapped, By Mohamed Maged. United States

Undersee, By Margie Kelk, Lynne Slater. Canada

What's Your Number?, By Sigal Erez. United States

Feature Films


Cakra Buana, By Massimo Burhanuddin. Indonesia

Delusions, By Clayton Webb. United States

How To Go Down The Stairs, By Eduard Jaimes. United States

Nina, By Marc Göbel. Germany  

Occupants, By Russ Emanuel. United States

The Big Ones, By Josep Guy. Australia

Welcome To The Smiling Coast, By Bas Ackermann. Netherlands

Xiaozhen's Story, By The Church Of Almighty God. Korea

Web Serie


Amazing, By Elizabeth Lardenoije. United States

Days Of Passion, By Oleg Majiri. Russia  

La Festa Triste, By Mattia Marcucci. Italy             

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