Official Selection

Official Selection

January - 2019


Short Films

A Man, Today, By Alberto Nacci. Italy

A Royal Love, By Anthony Roemermann. Netherlands

Deliver, By Ricardo Farias. Mexico           

Elk!, By Remington Daron. United States

Espiral, By Susana Weingaten Evert. United States

Expend, By Bismark Fernandes. United States                    

Fallen Tears, By Jaime Ríos. Spain            

Jingle Bells, By Francisco Albán. Argentina

L-P-D-M, By Nawal Kaffouf. France         

Man To Man, By Bo Gao. United States

Me And The Distance, By Nora Anderson. Canada

Mission: Apo11o, By Daniel Jenny, Stephane Guenin. France

Mr Franco, By Vincenzo Palazzo. Italy

Patrick, By Yuanhao Du. United States

Poor Rich, By Marcela Llontop. United States

Samantha, By Armand Farid. United States

Sex At The Ski Center, By Heikki Ahola. Finland

Shining Ashes, By Nicole Campbell. United States

Smell Of Death, By Yavari Sanjuan. Germany

Sundown, By Joseph Romero. Canada    

That's Not My Intention, By Muhammad Rusni. Indonesia                  

The Crushes, By Eugenii Baranov. Russian Federation

The Evil Monster, By Rubén Pascual Tardío. Spain 

The Spirit Seam, By Ashley Gerst. United States   

Under The Burrow, By Margie Lambert. United States

Wasteland, By Muller Etienne, Teisseire Olivier. France   

(You're) The Devil In Disguise, By Jaime Barrenechea. United States

Feature Films


Dreams, Washed Out, By Momò Lee. Italy           

Faith In God, By The Church Of Almighty God. United States

Fake Welcome, By Hassan Kumar. Netherlands

Going To War, By Jamie Ryan. Australia

Plague, By Nathan Stafford. United States

Tal Como Soy, By Tomás Aceituno Maldonado. Spain

The Legend, By Florian Hessique. France

Zachary Richard, Cajun Heart, By Phil Comeau. Canada

Musical Video


Adam, By Francesca Zanni. Italy    

Cello, By Alberto Nacci. Italy

I Confess, By Jesús Alemán. Spain

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