Official Selection

Official Selection

February - 2019

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Short Films

10 Años En Móstoles, By José Luis López-Linares

2nd Chance, By Hugo Teugels. Belgium  

Act Six, By Alex Caperton. United States

Anacronte, By Raúl Koler, Emiliano Sette. Argentina

Au Bord Du Lit, By Léonard C. Héliot. France           

Binary Code, By Joaquin Manuel Ramos Carvallo. Spain  

Clown, By Silvia. Brazil

Dream For Happiness, By Irina Velichkova. Bulgaria               

El Cielo Se Cae, By Roberto Pino Almeyda. Chile

Florian's Last Climb, By Harold Chapman. United Kingdom            

For It Is Written, By Daniel Ståhl. Sweden             

Home & The Homeless Man, By Nima B. Djavidani. Cyprus

Hua-Yu Walker, By Tsai Tsai. Taiwan

Just A Breath, By Genty Henri. France

La Chica Del Vestido Rojo Y Sombrero Amarillo, By Alvaro Rozas Leiva. Chile         

La Delicia, By Federico Quilodran. Chile  

L'americano, By Nicola Schito. Italy

Lowrider Brasil, By Stephane Benini. France

L-P-D-M, By Nawal Kaffouf. France         

Medium Rare, By Luca Cioci. Italy

Narrative Bodies, By Hortense Le Guillou. Czech Republic

Not In Kansas, By Anna Reszutarz. United Kingdom

Ramón: Notes From A Beekeeper, By Hilary Kennedy. United Kingdom

Real Love, By Robert L Butler Jr. United States

Rocky Mountains Encounter, By John Banovich. Canada

Second Breath, By Levkaovitch Antony. France

Soul De Selene, By Sid Singh. United States             

The Perfect Murder, By Vikkramm Chandirramani. India

The Role Of A Lifetime, By Marc Saez. France

The Stop, By Komrakova Liudmila. Russian Federation

The Uniform, By Alberto Martín-Aragón. Spain

Visual Healing, By Maura Freeman. United States             

Wooden Horse, By Ali Jaf. Canada           

Yellow Mountain, By Xinyi Yang. China   

Feature Films


Arroz Con Lo Que Haya En La Nevera, By Sara Palomo. Spain

Dragonflies Only Live For 24 Hours, By Richard Anthony Dunford. United Kingdom

Madha, By Srividya Basawa. India

Pride Of Wisdom, By Dharani Rajendran. India

Shadow In The Mirror, By Ron Foley Macdonald. Canada

Super Tinga Hero From Two Continents, By Luciano Moucks , Luciana Rodrigues. Brazil                   

The Mystery Of Godliness: The Sequel, By The Church Of Almighty God. Korea, Republic Of

We Need To Talk, By Robert L Butler Jr. United States

Musical Video


Brighter, By Raphael Benington. United Kingdom

Live Smiling, By Edgar Jonas. United States

Remembering Love Eterne, By Joseph Villapaz. United States




Better Than X, By Josh Alves. Spain

Finally, By Bharat Torun. United Kingdom

Mother, By Sevra Baklacı. Turkey                

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