Official Selection

Official Selection

April - 2019


Short Films

A Collective Tragedy: Waibel's Stalingrad Inferno, By Handuo Zhang. Canada

A Desolate Sky, By Sam Bernard. United States      

Acaiaca, By Axel Sande. Brazil

Ada, By Wang Zhiheng. China

Amphora, By Ricardo Baeza. Canada

Anything For The Ones We Love, By Louise Marie Beauchamp. Canada

Bet The Demon Wins, By Denise Hurley. Australia             

Beyond Her Lens, By Tereza Hirsch. Czech Republic

Blue, By Yifan Du. China

Boy Meets Boy, By Jonathan Macpherson. Canada

Chottu Paathram, By Prajeeth Ramakrishnan. India

Cows Come Home, By Daniel Turbert. United States

Doomsday, By Katsuhide Yamago. Japan

Family Ties, By Ira Farmer. United States

Fire Musical Notes, By Wagner Cinelli. Brazil       

Help Wanted, By Mac Estelle. United States

Human Extinction, By Jordi Manca, Vincent Vallon. France

Kekere, By Axel Sande. Brazil

King Of Gyro, By S.C.H.L.W. Taiwan

Morsel Of Hope, By Clinton Immanuel Banze. India

Namo Amitabha And Nightingale, By Jiaqi Wang. China

Next Or Exit, By Tsai, Po-Jen, Huang, Lan-Syuan. Taiwan

Northern Farmers, By Peter Twain. Austria           

Ocultos, By Gabriel Bucher. Chile

Old House, By Kunlin Wang. United States            

Reaching For The Andes, By Neal Barenblat. United States

Say Yes, By Johan Stavsjö. Sweden

Shadowland, By Bellopropello. Switzerland

The Bayonet, By Brandon Porter. United States

The Breath Of Celia, By Miguel Angel Barrroso. Spain

The Family, Your Choice, By Andrea Vaccarelli. Italy

Theory Of Evalution, By Eva Justine Torkkola. Australia

Tj, By Kunlin Wang. United States

Touch Me, By Eileen Byrne. Germany

Virtual Memory, By Julie Goldstein. United States

White Shoes, By Simon Elf. United States

Without, By Jacob Combs

Feature Films


24 Days, By Sreekanth E G. India

9/8 Zenne, By Ragıp Taranç. Turkey

Antervyatha, By Kuldeep Vashisth. India

Fen, By Tuomas Anttonen. Finland

Finite Water, By Zach Thomson & Dianne Wennick. United States

Hero Dog, By Vanessa Schulz. United States

Max Topas - The Book Of The Crystal Children, By Doc Miguel. Germany

Root Republic, By Oliver Kyr. Canada      

Somewhere In Baltimore, By Carlton P. Whyte. United States      

Strong Voices, By Stefanie Trambow, Cornelia Schlemmer. Germany

The Ancestors' Memories, By Arata Shigeno. Myanmar   

The Camp Fire Documentary, By Nancy Hamilton. United States               

The Fantastic Hidalgo Of The Pontic Steppe, By Javier Alcaine. Spain

The People Of The Heavenly Kingdom, By The Church Of Almighty God. Italy

Musical Video


Boulevard, By Marcio Oliveira. Brazil

It's Always Monday, By Ted O´Daniel. United States

Wanna Be Younk: 7ever Feat Sid Wilson, By Henry Lipatov. United States   



Motel Monster, By Danial O'brien. Canada

The New Neighbor, By Debra Twins. United Kingdom

Winds Of Change, By Steve Jameson. United States

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Max Topas - The Book of the Crystal Chil
The Fantastic Hidalgo of the Pontic Step