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Official Selection

Official Selection

May - 2019


Short Films

Brunch Before Baptism, By David C. Luck, Kent J. Arceneaux. United States                

Chottu Paathram, By Prajeeth Ramakrishnan. India

Connection Of The Sea And The Sand. Charlie Tremblay. United States

Cooper, By Bettina Horton. United States

Defined States. Amelia Brown. United States

Desajustados, By Pepe  Publio. Brasil

Diegesis, By Gabriel Angulo. Peru

Dried And Wet Flowers. Lauren O'kelly. United States

Guilty Bunch Of Flowers, By Wayne Kelly , Matt Holt. United Kingdom

Half Moon. Samantha Murphy. United States

Happy Thanksgiving, By Shihan Lu. United States

Happy Trans Girl Like Me, By Fran Sisco. United States

I Created You, By Noel Mcintyre. Ireland

Inhaling The Fire. Margaret Singh. United States

Light Spring. Joe Singh. United States

Looking For Mom, By Peter Hsui. Taiwan

Love With His Cloak. Connor Morton. United States

My Home In Gobi, By Peter Hsui. Taiwan

On Air, By Bastiaan Rook. Netherlands

Rorrim, By M.P. Murdock. United States

Savvy?, By Ramgopal A. India     

Scattered In The Ashes, By Desiree De Anda, Nancy Hamilton. United States         

Seventeen. Noah Lee. United States

Shadows Dancing The Waltz. Isabella O'brien. United States

Shadows, By Sandesh Motwani. India

Siphonophore, By Linnea Pihl. Sweden

Surfer Joe, By Jim Keeshen. United States

Tchaikovsky In Love, By Ian Woodward. United Kingdom

That's How It Is, By Bert Leemburg. Canada

The Amazon. Daniel Morton. United States

The Company Slave Zombie, By Katsuhide Yamago. Japan             

To The South, By César De Alba Razo. Mexico

Trap, By Paul James. New Zealand

Volkov, By George Dibble. United States

Where Are We?, By Hanna Besirevic. Mexico

White Window, By Jake Reed. United States

Feature Films


Around, By Gracielo Le Due. Argentina      

British Made, By Simon Rickards. United Kingdom             

Free Butterflies, By Miguel Angel Castillo Garcia. Spain

Growing In You, By Joseph Pinkman. United States

Hallucinated Folder, By Kasey Mayer. United States

It's Good To Believe In God, By The Church Of Almighty God. Korea

Kiss You, By Scarlett Thomas. United States

Lights Of Hope, By Mario Pons Múria. Spain

No Bro, I'm Not Ready, By Diane Albertson. United States

Rock Paper Scissors, By Lilah Markman. Israel     

See Clearly, By Arnold Neeson. United States

Stagnant, By Miley Laurie. United States

Steady Heart, By Gino Ceriachi. Italy

The New Painters, By Isidro Sánchez Guerrero. Spain

The Society, By Aurore Cook. United States

Utiaca's Making Up, By Daniel Real Perez. Spain

Yorozuya Detective Story, By Touji Sawamura. Japan

Musical Video


Everybody, By Joseph Villapaz. United States

Gravity, By Amelie Carter. United States

Imagine The Flight, By Nancy Coleman. United States

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