Official Selection

Official Selection

June - 2019

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Short Films

#Youtoo, By Björn Pinxten, Jenne Decleir. Belgium

¿Cómo Vuelan Las Flores?, By Roberto Salvador. Mexico

Art Poem, By Raquel Salvatella

Bikini Sunshine, By John Carrington. United States

Claire, By Andrea Silvestro. Italy

Eternity, By Anna Sobolevksa. Ukraine

Factory Error, By Uriel Anderson. Canada

Go Through These... , By Marshall Bramson. United States

Goodbyes Are Not Forever, By Ashton Mayer. United States

Hazel, By Sara Eustáquio. United States                   

Hidden, By Heejoo Kim

In A Broken Voice, By Bernard Bennett. United Kigdom

In The Night, By Thibaut Buccellato. France

Kids Who Can't Pay Can't Have Any Apples, By Lars In De Betou. Sweden

Life, By Cristobal Catalan. United Kingdom          

Loved By You, By Tiffany Kellog. United States

Miss Park Project #1, By Yongchu Suh. Korea

No Heroes, By Kamil Loutfi. Sweden

On Clowns & The Mysterious Keys Of Laughter, By Johnny Tron. United States

Outlander, By Frank Juning Liu. United States

Rain And Sun, By Dan Torres. Spain

Rukky, By Oboatarhe Ebiye Ikuku. Nigeria

Sleep Paralysis, By Oboatarhe Ebiye Ikuku. United States

Soul Bones, By Andrew Huggins. United States

Spizella, By Mehmet Tığlı. Germany

Still Love You, By Fernando Bonelli. Spain

Symi - The Mamaland, By Stamatis Liontos. Greece

The Ribbon, By Jonathan Galland. United States

Theory Of Evolution, By Ting Hang Yip. Macao       

Where Technologies Are Not Allowed, By Miguel Angel Castillo Garcia. Spain

You Belong To The Stars In The Clouds, By Daphne Braxton. United States

Feature Films


A Gift Of Love: Sifar, By Dhruv Sachdev. India

A Mother's Love, By The Church Of Almighty God. Taiwan

At The End Of All Your Lines, By April Rogers. Canada

Beautiful Uncertainty, By Macey Hawk. United States

Breathe In, Breathe Out, By Elina Gates. United States

Epitaph, By Lizzy O’brien. United States

How To Be A Writer, By Irenej Vid Bosnjak. Slovenia             

Like Butter On Toast, By Dominik Junker. Germany

Once Upon A Time On All Hallows' Eve, By Jaroslaw Gogolin. United Kingdom

Practices Without Return, By Miguel Angel Castillo Garcia. Spain

Qassem Haddad .. The Last Door’s Hour, By Khalid Alrowaie. Bahrain

Sarajevo: State In Time, By Benjamin Jung, Théo Meurisse. France

Someone You Loved, By Elton Patterson. United States

The Craziest End Of The World, By Andreas Auinger. Austria

The Same Path, By Cleveland Garrelson. Canada

We Are The Ones For Now, By Milo Moore. United Kigdom

Musical Video


Leave A Light On, By Jaida Pinkman. Canada

Linoleum, By Niki Noves. France

Requiem For Individuality, By Jon M. Ausman. United States

Tv/Web Serie     


The Plea, By Braxton Beckham. United States

The Twist, By Brendan J Doyle. Australia

Underground Experiments, By Zachary Griffin. United Kigdom

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