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Official Selection

Official Selection

July - 2019

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Short Films

A Small Mistake, By William Weinig. United States

Alba, By Elizabeth Soto Lara. United States

All For You, By Don Unkrich. United States

All That's Left, By Salvaire Hugo. Belgium

Art House, By Sook Jin Jo, William Charles Moss, Sheba Remy Kharbanda. United States

Ascending, By Geraldine Jones. Canada

Breaking The I.C.E, By Alejandra Hinojosa. United States

By The Sea, By Lynn Bianchi. United States

Feminam, By Marijke  De Belie. Belgium

Hoppla!!!, By Eddy Falconer. United States

I Also, By Helge Allen. United States

I Am What You See, By Camila Blossom. United States

Le Creuset, By Roberto Reinhart. United States

Lullaby, By Roger Villarroya. Spain

Mobius Dream, By Jinmeng Li. China

Nucleus, By Tobias Bieseke. Germany

Pecho Hinchao, By Solveig Houzvic Franco. Chile

Pigmenta, By Raymond Gerard Braza, Andres Flores

Playing With Snowballs In The Prison Of Time, John Seddon & Vaibhav Kaul. India

Queue, By Jacob Worden, Jessica Wilson. United States

Sissy: A Slut Documentary, By Missbratdom. Brazil

Starting In Life, By Veronica Tiedemann. United States

The Bomb, By Bob Jones. United States

The Drone, By Wojciech Lorenc. United States

The Void In Joy, By Si Berg. Australia

Thoughts Engine, By Senén Fernández. Spain

Typical, By Magnus Gomez. Canada

Unica Zürn, By Eddy Falconer. United States

Water Is Life, By Sam Vinal. United States

What We Say, What We Mean, By Abigail Parmenter. United Kingdom

When I Was 5 Or 6 Years Old, By Grohmann, Dieter Michael. Austria

Feature Films

A Scene Of Spring, By Cheung Kwan Yiu. Hong Kong

After The Church Falls, By The Church Of Almighty God. United States

Anurup/Mirror Image, By Kankana Chakraborty. India

Bites And Intoxicated, By Polly Spellman. United States

Blue Scallywags, By Cezary Grzesiuk. Poland

Broken Souls, By Sanelle Sibanda. United States

Caught In The Continuum, By Idris Spacey. United States

Free Crystal, By Frances Padilla. United States

Harvest, By Tabitha Lodge. United States

I Could Not Arrive, By Harvey Wardwell. United States

My Stretch Of Texas Ground, By Erich Kemp. United States

The Last Berliner, By Gregor Erler. Germany

The Subway Entrance, By Jason Cooper. United States

The White Arrow, By Jim Kroft. Germany

Time Stops When..., By Jeffrey Moore. United States

Musical Video


Music From Undeterred, By Joseph Villapaz. United States

Serendipia, By Giuliano Dollo. Spain

Tie Me Down, By Ruben Van Leer. Netherlands

Tv/Web Serie     


Behind You, By Julia Bassett. United States

Gorchlach: The Legend Of Cordelia, By Fabio Cento. Italy

Paradise Of Selena, By Savage Pratt. United States


Catastrophe, By Mike D. United States

The Past Comes Back, By Fran Sisco. United States

Yellow Life, By Johnny Macy. Canada

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