Official Selection

Official Selection

August - 2019


Short Films

¿Quién Está Adentro?, By Daniel Parra. Chile

Aio Zitelli, By Jean-Marie Antonini. France

Anything, By Steve Barden. Canada

Atleta, By Felipe Blankenheim. Brazil

Auricular Confession, By Martin Del Carpio. United States

Dark Wolf Gang, By Nancy C. Mejia. United States

Dead Man Wait, By Giorgio Molteni. Italy

Dear Rosa, By Yarden Lior. United States

Death Date, By Hugo Bonitzer. United States

Different Or Equal, By Ben Rowan. United States

Do Not Forget, By Patch Winston. Canada

Dreamer, By Huang Hsiao Hsia. Taiwan

Fire On The Ridge - Proof Of Concept, By Nancy Hamilton. United States

Flawed Is The New Perfect, By Modiyar Abdukadyrov. United States

Gray Weather, By Robia Jason. Canada

Hamun, By Mahdi Chalani. Iran

How To Bend Concrete In 108 Easy Steps, By Mahesh Madhav. United States

Just Another Memory, By Mariam Al-Dhubhani. Qatar

Martina Can Swim, By Giorgio Molteni. Italy

Nekar, By Julio Roberto Garcia. Colombia

No Hurry, By Becca Arcuri. United States

Ojos Que No Ven, By Abraham Rozenbaum. Venezuela

Playing With Snowballs In The Prison Of Time, By John Seddon And Vaibhav Kaul. India

Rachel's Eyes, By Denman Hatch. Canada

Repent, By Alan Ou. Taiwan

Stockholm Noir, By Olof Sylvén. Sweden

Talk, By Boulanger Romuald. France

The Croutox Report, By Rene Rhi, Jorge De La Colina. United States

The Gifted Ones, By Chadaporn Mitinunwong. United States

The Guard, By Shona Charlton. United Kingdom

The Widow, By Brendan Young. Australia

To Blink, By Rachel Becker. United States

Tomorrow At 8 Am, By Mohammad Ali Entezarian. Iran

Trapped Ghost, By Hsieh Hui-Ying. Taiwan

Trust Me, By Javi Navarro. Spain

Universal Basic Income, By Brett Wallace. United States

Up And Down - The Wheel Goes Round, By Christopher Aaron. Austria

We Had To Kill Lady Death, By Lucie Weeger. France

You Can Kiss Me, By Jan Jalenak. United States

Feature Films

A Century Of Dreams, By Ven Jemersic. Slovenia

Acadian Music Wave, By Phil Comeau. Canada

Bozkir Look At The Birds, By Mehmet Tanrisever. Turkey

Confusion Of Free Time, By Leighton Benson. Canada

Demolishing Finger, By Alyssa Gussis. Canada

En Busca Del Amor, By Antonio Bellido Marin. Spain

Few Hours In Athens, By Ari Papargyropoulos. Greece

Free Slave, By Mehmet Tanrisever. Turkey

Immortal Hero, By Hiroshi Akabane. Japan

Knocking At The Door, By The Church Of Almighty God. Canada

Lorik, By Alexey Zlobin. Armenia

Lost In Nanjing City, By Sipei Shen. China

Lost Tears, By Nicolas Vasseur. France

Memory Photos, By Elodie Lively. United States

Mike, By Austin Abbott. United States

Milestones, By Mufei Xu. China

My Blood Is Red. United Kingdom

Sorry You Didn't Forgive Me, By Peter Pompeo. United States

The Cat Behind Its Tail, By Ellen Rhimes. United States

The Dead, The Day After, By Asio Liu Chihsiung. Taiwan

The House Of The High Cards, By Lauren Ryan. United States

The Power Of Sound- Africa, By Mark Robertson. Australia

Time Out, By Matti Kinnunen. Finland

We Did Not Want, By Josh Savage. United States

Musical Video


Coin Song, By Allen Yao, Zhuoqin Zhang. United States

In The End, By Lenylson Luan. Canada

Lady Lamarr, By Eric Huang. United States

Standing As One - Kingscliff High School, By Mark Robertson. Australia

The Sun Will Fool You, By Daniel Bigelow & Talon Nightshade. United States

Tv/Web Serie     


Butterflies - worms, by Agathe Doona. Canada

Raveage, By Courtney James. Canada

Unhappy memories, by Lana Sweeny. United States

How to Bend Concrete in 108 Easy Steps.j
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