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Official Selection

Official Selection

September - 2019


Short Films

...And Then There's Anthony Palmer, By Jesseca Ynez Simmons. United States

Accept What You Do Not Forget, By Joanne Maccaa. United States

Addicted To That, By Samantha Dankworth. United States

Alexander's Of Northville, By Lance Kawas. United States

Ceaseless, By Ruchita. Brazil

Cemetery Tales: A Tale Of Two Sisters, By Chris Roe. United States

Disease Of The Day, By Mason Bread. United States

Disintegrants, By John Harlan Norris, Britt King. United States

Éclat, By Gabriel Inghilterra. United States

Euphorium: Genesis Trailer, By Cory Rowe. United States

Good Days, By Behrouz Rahmanifar. Iran

I Shouldn't Do It, By Elizabeth Macquoid. United States

I,Coolie, By Gabriella Blumberg. United Kingdom

July 15th, By Kristian Comer. United States

Layla, By Nick Gatsby. United States

Los Angeles Film Project 2, By Jeff Grace. United States

Make America Safe, By Blanche Baker. United States

Nameless, By Caroline Jaden Stussi. United States

One Night Stand, By Wojciech Zielinski. Canada

Prison Obsession, By George Tumbler. United States

Social Class Stratification And Mobility In The World, By Banning K Lary. United States

Talking Cure, By Maren Krüger. Germany

The Bear Went Over The Mountain, By Brett Jubinville. Canada

The Boat, By Peng Weijun. China

The Junkie's Daughter, By Ning Ding. China

The Man Who Sold The World, By George Rodriguez, Laura Barbato. United States

The Nun's Kaddish, By Luis Ismael. Portugal

The Rainmaker, By André Havéus. South Africa

The Sons Of Bolivar, By Alex Matheus. United States

The Trap, By Margaret Relish. United States

Unbinding, By Mauraya Sharma. India

Unsee, By Joby Varghese. India

What If, By Francisco Fuertes. United States

Women, By Jeff Grace. United States

Your Taste, By Bethany Culpepper. Canada

Feature Films

Another Night In The City, By Tracy Fernsby. United Kingdom

Beyond Eva's Challenge, By Eloi Tomas. Spain

Digital Apotheosis, By Rodrigo Alves, Laís Lima. Brazil

Dodging The Punches, By Susan Miracle. United States

Faust, A Return From The Future, By Maria Alexea. Greece

Known As A Couple, By  Ethan Murphy. United States

Miss Petunia, By Chen Tianyi. China

Motivates Me, By Robert Stewart. Canada

Omadox, By James Noel. United States

Out Of My Reach, By Reece Bailey. United States

The Diameter Of The Abyss, By Gustavo Coletti. Argentina

The Stranger, By Marc Allen. United States

We Drink Slowly, By Joanne Relish. United States

What Will You Do?, By Oliver Villan. Spain

Yearning, By The Church Of Almighty God. United States

Musical Video

Personal Space, By Jayden Williams. United States

The Aura, By Joseph Tiggs , Chad Michael. United States

The First & Last Time, By Peter Sacco. Canada


Tv/Web Serie    


I Want To Come Back, By Julissa Johnson. United States 

Location Scouts, By Christiaan Van Vuuren, Connor Van Vuuren. Australia

We Live In Trance, By Rhys Bourne. United States




Always Hope, By Janice L. Walker. United States

Sunrise At The Top, By Peter Jacobsen. Sweden

The Lost Book, By Michael Jensen. United States

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