Official Selection

Official Selection

October - 2019

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Short Films

A Gentle Heart, By Marc Mifsud. United States

A Home For Curiosities, By Ben Tobin. United States

Arch-Rival, By Liu Qiang. China

Breaking Points, By Brad Forenza. United States

Cold Cuts, By Jose Maria Carrizo. Argentina

Die Like A Shark, By Nick Epstein. New Zealand

Ego, By Estelle Lewis. United States

Endless Alphabet, By Massimo Vito Avantaggiato. Italy

Far Far Away, By Tony Ardolino. United States

Global Warming, By Edison Richardson. United States

Happy Trans Girl Like Me, By Fran Sisco. United States

Idiot, By Dušan Davidov. Slovakia

Into The Mouth Of The Wolf, By Jeff Grace. United States

Linked And Folded, By Araminta Pérez. United States

Looking To Play, By Bryony Reed. United States

Manifestation, By Danny Germansen. Denmark

Mounted Forever, By Anwen Moore. United States

My Afghan Diary, By Arzu Qaderi. Afghanistan

No Change, By Colette Mitchell. United States

Pinch Of Salt, By Tanmay Shah. India

Quasi Immobili, By Fabio Bastianello. Italy

Rain In The Desert, By Pal Kolndrekaj. Italy

Rendezvous, By Dieter – Michael Grohmann. Belgium

Second Place, By Denise Green. United States

Spacetime, By Mimi Garrard. United States

Two Peas In A Pod, By Collins Abbott White. United States

Unfinished Business, By Akhilesh Gupta. India

Without Conditions, By Donald Stewart. United States

You Look Good, By Edmond Rivera. United States


Feature Films    

Advanced Friend, By Chelsey Murphy. United States

Get Paid, Get Laid & Get Lucky, By Goran Pavisic. Ireland

I Call You To Tell You ..., By Donovan Foster. United States

Looking At You From Afar, By Elton Hayes. United States

My Presentation, By Corinna Sanders. United States

Our Mental Glacial, By Euan Price. United States

Secret Admirer, By  Evelyn Jackson. United States

Smash, By Radheshyam Pipalwa. India

That's What I Thought, By Darrell Butler. United States

The Mystery Of Godliness, By The Church Of Almighty God. Korea

The World Falls, By Deborah Young. United States

Transfert, By Massimiliano Russo. Italy

What Is In The Street, By Anastasia Long. United States


Musical Video   

Hate You, By Nicolas Manterola. United States

Over. Above. Beyond, By Steve Cachero. United States

Pearl Cadillac, By Clément Oberto. United States


Tv/Web Serie    

Area 52, By Kenzo Babin. Canada

Body To Body, By Christopher Coleman. United States

The Diploma, By Constantin Wright. United States

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