Official Selection

Official Selection

November - 2019

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Short Films

Amunet, By Vijendra Bhambhani. United Arab Emirates

Bamboo--The Tradition Of The Future, By Johan Granberg. Qatar

Biscut, By Amish Srivastava. United States

Buga, By Pablo De Antuñano. Mexico

Common Ground: Antarctica, By Victoria Sutton. United States

Common Sense, By Morgan Robinson. United States

Consequences, By Matt Toronto. United States

Detailed Shipping, By Sydney Clark. United Kingdom

Dying, By Jaxson Rodríguez. United States

Elias, By Jacek Kubaczynski. Germany

Flopsee & Buttercup, By Freddie Connor. United States

Inpsy Out, By Léa Chaib. Brazil

Mi/As, By Guillermo Orozco. United States

Mimi Meets Books, By Yih-Fen Chou. Taiwan

Neon Glows, By Ruby Lee. United States

Nine Months To A Year, By Patrick Collins. United States

Nunca Conocí A Mi Padre, By Diego Barragan Ramirez. Mexico

Pianocide, By Brice Blanloeil. France

Ruby Baby, By Lee Mcqueen. United Kingdom

Silent Ties, By George Leontakianakos. Greece

Sounds Of Four, By Sitthipol Matt Pladsri. Thailand

Surprise, By Bryson Abbott. United States

The Animal That Therefore I Am, By Bea De Visser. Netherlands

The Curtain, By Erkut Altindağ. Turkey

The Day The Missile Flew, By Katsuhide Yamago. Japan

The House Named End Of The World, By Katsuhide Yamago. Japan

The Last Harvest, By Alexis Spradic. United States

The Shadow's Clock, By Cristobal Olguin. Australia

The Songs Of Love, By Andrii Andreiev. Ukraine

Thunderbolt, By Kayden Lewis. United States

Time Crisis, By David Zhang. United States

Vengeful Love, By Alexandra Balda. United States

Very Peculiar, By Luis Abney. Canada


Feature Films    


Do Not Tell Him, By Blake Young. United Kingdom

Due Destini Travolti Dalla Rivoluzione, By Yattaa. Italy

End, By Brayden Wright. United States

Enjoy The Game, By Madeline Hall. United States

Germans In Jamaica: War, Spies And Camps, By Kevin Kennedy. United States

Giving Away Mornings, By Jasmine Walker. United States

Indigenous: Fight For Survival, By Gary Rottger. United States

Paolo Rossi: Dreams Create The Future, By Michela Scolari & Gianluca Fellini. Italy

Priapus, By Tomás Pérez Torrella. Spain

The Goal Of The Goal, By Isaiah Hernandez. United States

The Kings, By Aria Akers. United States

The Last Heroes, By Roberto D'antona. Italy

The Other Half, By Lalith Rathnayake. Sri Lanka

The Tell-Tale Heart - A Musicabre, By Danny Ashkenasi. United States

Vortex, By Christophe Karabache. France

Vrem, By James Noel. United States

Was Nothing, By Nathaniel Alfredson. Canada

Zuluboy's 10%, By Joshua Tesa & Thabo T Mahlangu. South Africa


Musical Video   


Head, By Connor Carter. United States

Kingdom Anthem: The Kingdom Descends Upon The World, By The Church Of Almighty God. Korea

Switched On, By Alyssa González. United States  

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