Official Selection

Official Selection

December - 2019

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Short Films

21 Hours Until Midnight, By Fletcher Turale. Australia

After Anyuta, By Clemy Clarke. United Kingdom

Batik Girl, By Irwan Junaidy. Malaysia

Black Guards, By Violet Lincoln. United States

Codrina's Trace, By Robert Lawrence. Romania

Crazy Things, By Tristan Wang. United States

Crying F.U. Lady Rap, By Patricia Ceasar. United States

Don't Shut Up Anymore, By Jeremiah Beckham. United States

Explicit Plate, By Penelope Carter. United States

First Forget, By Biju Maani. India

Forgetting Memories, By Gianna Baker. United Kingdom

Funeral, By Marie Vandelannoote. France

Going Down The Mountain, By Riley Moore. United States

In My Mind, By Lincoln Albertson. United States

In Orbit, By Katie Mcneice. Ireland

Live The Furacão, By Gabriel Twardowski. Brazil

Lola And Grissi, By Edgar Nuñez. Mexico

My Secret, By Bella Carter Bramson. United Kingdom

Net, By Jingkun Liu. United Kingdom

Omg, By Declan Adams. Canada

Prufrock, By Gerlad Varney. United States

Resemblance, By Kevin James Oneill. United States

Shivering Wall, By Tseng Yu Chin. Taiwan

Silou: A Tale Of An Orang Asli, By Yazan Al Assadi. Syrian Arab Republic

The Tunnel Theory, By Shawn Mcdonald. United States

Typical, By Louis Ponesse Jr. United States

Wake From Death & Return To Life, By Andrew Ferrer, Javier Gonzalez. United States

Walking A Fine Line, By Meti Oker. Switzerland

Where Are You?, By Asher Green. Canada

Your Man Says Goal, By Berkay Berkman, Atakan Şatıroğlu. Turkey


Feature Films    

Anticipation, By Peter Renzullo. Australia

Bullet Trip, By Nozomu Kasagi. Japan

Failed Loves, By Taylor Geller. United States

Fire On, By Audrey Rogers. United States

Five Love, By Lillian Campbell. United States

Kaanbhatt, By Aparana S Hosing. India

Lust, By Adrian Swift. United States

Our Movie, By Austin Bing. United Kingdom

Our Scripted Life, By David Towner. United States

Rainbow Blood, By Allison Brown. Canada

Reigning Between Ants, By Gabriella Chads. United States

Staring At The Sea, By Angel Puado Veloso. Spain

Stripping Your Clothes, By Dominic Neeson. United States

The Dalai Lama: Scientist, By Dawn Gifford Engle. United States

The Interrogation, By Eliana Lee. United Kingdom

The Last Victims, By Maynard Kraak. South Africa

The Unbelievable Plight Of Mrs. Wright, By Greta Valenti, Robin Davey. United States

Tonality Of Senses, By Charlie Jobs. United States

Where Is My Home, By Quanxu. China


Tv/Web Serie    

The Circle, By Carlton Thompson. United States

The Unorthodox Series - Castles In The Sky, By Laura Barbato. United States

Wizard Grandpa Stories, By Raphael Moran. United Kingdom



​Full Base, By Camila Brown. United States

The Interview, By Artur Barseghyan. Belgium

Views, By Javier Wang. United States

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