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Official Selection

Official Selection

January - 2020

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Short Films

A Lonely Boy And The Lost Dog, By Norman Luo. United States

Alleyways Alone, By Brody Edwards. United States

Belle-Ile In Acadie, By Phil Comeau. Canada

Bummer, By Barry Worthington. United States

Confused Roads, By Caroline Murphy. Canada

Cv, By Abdelfattah Serrari. Morocco

Diana, By Tássia Dur. Brazil

Exorcist Of Apartheid, By Adam Heyns. South Africa

Garbage, By Eva Martinez. Mexico

Happy Friends, By Paul Conley. United States

Keep Needing Me, By Justine Patterson. South Africa

La Muñeca Enferma, By Jaime Turish. El Salvador

Lucy Palustris: The Dinner Party, By Patricia Coates. Canada

Millionaire In 3 Days, By Josiah Rogers. United States

Nice, By Colin Clark. United States

No Comet A 1969 Comet's Tale, By Carol Jackson. United States

Nothing Is Going Well, K By Atsuhide Yamago. Japan

Progress, By Alexander Quinteros. Chile

Prufrock, By Gerlad Varney. United States

Remember This Voice, By Jeff Chan. United States

Shift Mx, By Ryan Marcus. United States

Shumshu, By Ryo Okawara. Japan

The Colorado Street Bridge Project, By Guy Zhuoqin Yang. China

The Letter, By Jiyoung Jung. Korea

The Ways Of Misery, By Erik De La Serna. Philippines

Tumbili, By Brando Benetton. United States

Unearth, By Max R. Zabell. United States

Vasily, By Sergey Moskvin. Russian Federation. United States

Very Deep, By Bailey Allen. United States

Who You Are?, By Jasmine Morris. United States

Willowpede, By Anthonee Smith, Kenny Vigil. United States

Winfield Historical Times...And Other Oddities, By Julia Cowle. United States

Feature Films    


Abode, By Jaya Jose Raj C L. India

And Suddenly It's Evening, By Claudio Insegno. Italy

Can't Stop The Sun From Shining, By Teresa Mular. United States

Crazy Games, By Christian Ross. United Kingdom

Dinner Meal, By Annabelle Barnes. United States

Energy Load, By Cole Sanders. United States

Magnets, By Hudson Bennett. United States

My Home India, By Anjali Bhushan. India

Parallel Lines, By Kaitlyn Jenkins. Mexico / United States

The Arrival On The Scene, By Skyler Harris. United States

The Sako Tapes, By Machiel Van Den Heuvel. Netherlands

The Tour, By Gianna Smith. United States

Musical Video   

Love Ghost- Dead Brother, By Jeff Daniel Phillips. United States

Misbehaved, By Caden Butler. United States

Purification, By Thomas Hughes. United States

Tv/Web Serie    


500 Milligrams, By Harper Griffin. United States

High Tower, By Avery Foster. United States

The Unorthodox Series - As You Are, By Laura Barbato. United States




Beginning From Zero, By Clay Jones. United States

Fading Away, By Víctor Languasco. Argentina

It's You, By Sara Dawson. United States

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Winfield Historical Times...And Other Od
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