Official Selection

Official Selection

February - 2020


Short Films

A Happier Place, Zijin Wang. China

Baden Krunk, Anthony Wood. United States

Being A Trans Girl, Fran Sisco. United States

Breaking Vices, By Easton Miller. United States

Children Of God: Shinji And Rinka, Kazuaki Kashima. Japan

Climbing Notes, By Jaxson Brown. United States

Closed, Yun Sungwoo. Korea

Colors, Pedro Cuesy Celma. Mexico

Historical Niagara: Erie Beach, Peter Sacco. Canada

Huo Zhe, Kino Lee. Taiwan

Into The Light, Saulo Guilherme Senra. Brazil

Matsuri - The Organizational Dynamics, Tatsuya Ino. Japan

Max, Andy Wu. United States

Morning, By Luis Robinson. United States

My Wish, By Bryson Williams. United States

Once We Were Tres, Sarah Joy Stoker. Canada

Papirgam.Com, Maksym Madonov. Ukraine

Paradise Program, Shanshan Zhang. United States

Parasito, Jd Davis. United States

Rain Man Parody, Richard Ruisi. Germany

Spilled Passion, By Sydney Allen. Canada

Starting Small: Open Data In Chile, John Bosco. United States

The Art Within The Conflict, Freddie Logan. United Kingdom

The Eyes Of Perfection, Freddy Moyano. United States

The Long Game, Mustafa Abbas

The Normans, Chris Micallef. Malta

The Other Side, Dominic Lester. United Kingdom

The Requirements, By Piper Clark. United Kingdom           

The World Is Ending, By Kayden Davis. United Kingdom

To The King Of Wolves, Katherina Tsirakis. Brazil

Tobi And The Turbobus, Verena Fels. Germany

Traveling The World, By Lydia Lewis. United States

U17, Ajay Patel. United Kingdom

Under The Lemon Tree, Noor Alasswad. Palestine

Unexpected, Jorge A Zorrilla. Mexico

Unforgettable Tree, By Bentley Gonzalez. Spain

Urges, Yael Deynes. United States

Voices, Claudio Pereyra. United States

Feature Films    


Adventure Of Fragrance, Şahin Yiğit. Turkey

Article-41, S.G.Sivakumar. India

Astral Vision, By Nolan Wilson. Usa

Death By Water, Venu Nair. India

Green Signal, Dr.Maran. India

Labour, Sathyapathi. India

Lost In The Maze, By Mila Rodriguez. United States

My Nation, By Ruby Taylor. United States

Never Forever, Fabio Massa. Italy

Safari, By Carson White. United States

Sofi's Slippers, By Parker Harris. United States

Spiral, Sofiene Mamdi. France

Stories With Fleas : The Reality Of The Chilean Dog, Thommy Morais. Canada

The Art Pictures, By Paisley Walker. United States

The Butterfly Effect. From Colmenar Viejo To The Antarctica, Jovi Maco. Spain

The Doors Between Us, Maximillian Aguiar. United States

The Normans, Maurice Micallef. Malta

The Patagonia Triple Crown, Nomade Media. Chile

The Rent, By Melanie Jackson. Usa

The Weight Of Chains 3, Boris Malagurski. Serbia

Unwanted Heritage, Irena Skoric. Croatia

Uyirkkodi, Pr.Ravi. India

Musical Video   

Bésame Lento, Vince Williams. Guatemala

Ga Setubal - Canção De Partida, Deco Farkas. Brazil

The Button, Sebastián Radic, Felipe Reutter. Chile

The Magic Jar, By Dominic Thomas. United States

The Theater Lights, By Charles Miller. United States

Tv/Web Serie    


By: Camila, By Khloe Moore. United States

Ira And The King Of Kings, Jeff Dingler. United States

Webfragmento, Leu Motts. Brazil



A Space For Two, Martina Larreal. Spain

House Of Cards, Jean Carmichael. United States

We'll See You In The Past, Gary Bigelow. United States



Death By Water, Venu Nair. India

Stories With Fleas : The Reality Of The Chilean Dog, Thommy Morais. Canada

Time Crisis, Yiming Bian. United States

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