Official Selection

Official Selection

March - 2020

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Short Films

100% Girl, By Chen Liangyu. Taiwan

8102 Arim, By Brice Blanloeil. France

Antarctica. Slides Of Life, By Andrii Andreiev. Ukraine

Back To One, By Brando Benetton. United States

Between Turns, By Matthew Bailey. United States

Code 13: Unreadable, By Seth Chitwood, Seng 2kx. United States

Daily Dose, By Igor Correa. Brazil

Drought, By Kendal Morgan. United States

Fiction About Country C, By Xueqing Yin. United States

In The Lake, By Cameron Ramírez. United States

Kite, By Hongwei Wang. China

M Por..., By Petri Puroaho. Finland

My Image, By Arnold Brooks. United States

Next Door, By Randy L Nundlall. United States

Nick And Sarah, By Priyank Thakkar. United States

Not Suitable For Children, By Daniel Noblom. Spain

Prufrock, By Gerald Varney. United States

Quadruple, By Jude Morris. United States

Rarepublic, By Tomasz Dobosz. Poland

Reflection, By Natalia Punkova. Russian Federation

Rendezvous, By Seth Kozak, Damian Vielleux. United States

Riding With Sunshine, By Kristian Comer, Jt Maguire. United States

Rosa & Drummond- Una Charla Improbable, By Pepe Publio. Brazil

Safe, By Sanelle Sibanda. Zimbabwe

Sixth Grade, By Yuzhuo Wang. China

Tender Is The Kiss, By Longwei Deng. United States

The Cycle, By Gideon Howard. United States

The Demanding, By Dan Hewitt Owens. United States

The Grand Oasis, By Tomeu Santandreu. Spain

The Other Side - Mountain Climber, By Rajeev Thottippully. United Arab Emirates

The Streets Of The City, By Zane Cooper. United Kingdom

Toaster, By Triden V Balasingam. Canada

Tuva Youngster - Yong Deng, By Zhang Xiquan. China

Vintage Life, By Chenrui Zhang. United States

Wild Plants, By Magnus Cox. United Kingdom


Feature Films

Devika, By Jibin George James. India

Grains Of Sand, By Isahia Stewart. United Kingdom

In Quantities, By Harvey Evans. United States

My Lost Future, By Indivar Scott. United States

My Nightmares, By Adley Carter. United Kingdom

No Corners, By Marcus Walker. United States     

Once Upon A Judgment Day, By Mehmet Tanrisever. Turkey

Strings Of Sorrow, By Mehmet Tanrisever. Turkey

The Dead End, By Conway Nelson. United States

The Demons Of My Dreams, By Eli Mitchell. United States

The Department Of Mystery, By Erkut Altındağ. Turkey

The Next Hearing, By Mahivarman Cs. India

The Shadow Girl, By Ivor Turner. United States

Yschtoo- Get Ready For The Carnival Of Basle, By Nicolas Joray. Switzerland


Musical Video

Eurydice: Le Ballet De La Nuit, By Austin Yip. Hong Kong

Slow, By Jean Brown. Canada

The Luminous Tunnel, By Yona Rodríguez. United States


Tv/Web Serie    

Kahdiak's Kitchen, By Seng 2kx. United States

Mole History, By William García. United States

Rotten Tooth, By Salomon Harris. United States



Beyond Deception, By Gary Bigelow. United States

Janice, By Candice Mel. United States

The Other Me, By Joshua Rahymes. United States



8102 Arim, By Brice Blanloeil. France

Devika, By Jibin George James. India

Tender Is The Kiss, By Longwei Deng. United States

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