Official Selection

Official Selection

May - 2020

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Short Films

12:00, By Kanye Wright. United States

Acting Weak, By Maayan Schwartz. Israel

Align, By R.E. Wolfe. United Kingdom

As The Smoke Rises, By Sharon Heigl. Canada

Barney Lee: My Long Walk Around Britain, By Matt Colin Evans. United Kingdom

Beyond The Limits Of Insanity, By Tony Sperandeo. Italy

Can You See Me?, By Yael Deynes. United States

Her Voiceless Song, By Nobuyoshi Suzuki. Japan

Here Lies Lauren, By Jonathan Rome. United States

Hope, By John Robert Hoffman. United States

It's Complicated, By Janeth Lewis. Canada

Jimbo, By Krismarshall. United States

Making Waves  "If The Ocean Dies, We Die", By Laura Zéphirin. United States

My Protest, By Pharell Carter. Australia

New And Even Worse Blind Dates, By Isaac Pradel Leal. Spain

One Of The Missing, By Gábor Szentiványi. Hungary

Perception, By Andres Irias. United States

Perpetual Anamnesis, By Joseph Villapaz. United States

Ruffled, By Blue García. United States

The Anniversary, By Lewis Hodgson. Canada

The Call, By Ondřej Burda. Czech Republic

The Millennial Condition, By Michael Welsh. United States

The Ocean, By Heaven King. United States

The Quarantine Rag, By Charlotte Quintanar. United States

The Switch, By Lexis Hill. United Kingdom

The Voucher, By Nicki Green. United States

Thirty Minutes, By Claire Elizabeth Terry. Spain

Twenty Four, By Arnie Young. United States


Feature Films

"A World Within A World: The Bay Houses Of Long Island", By Barbara J Weber , Greg Blank. United States

Boogie Man, By Andy Morahan. United Kingdom

Fighter's Heart, By Kacper Anuszewski. Poland

Flees, By Chrisha Lawless. United States

Genuine Book, By Briona Loveall. Australia

In The First Person, By Han Xiaojun. China

Intertwined, By Arizona Flowerdew . Canada

Purple, By Anakin Teagarden. United States

Shibil, By Nikola Bozadzhiev. Bulgaria

Succumbing, By Alla Gopsha. Australia

The Desire, By Mylan Moonchild. India

The Legality, By Ginnifer Bellemore. United States

The One And Only Jewish Miss America, By David Arond. United States

The Real Exorcist, By Shokyo Oda. Japan

Vidhān, By Manoj Rai. India

Virtual Love, By Raini Silverman. United Kingdom


Musical Video

Stay Home, By Wagner Cinelli. Brazil

The Real Exorcist, By Koutaro Ishida. Japan

Time Invested, By Hayden Davis. United States


Tv/Web Serie    

Drip, By Iria Robinson. Nigeria

Tino Pizza "New Crap", By Benoit Créac'h, Julia Gaudard. Germany

What I Am, By Lexis Moore. United States




A Girl Called Johnnie, By Michael Sieve. United States

Prayer Feature, By Michael Sieve. United States

The Last Guard, By Anthony Ford. United Kingdom



As The Smoke Rises, By Sharon Heigl. Canada

Boogie Man, By Andy Morahan. United Kingdom

The Call, By Ondřej Burda. Czech Republic

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