Official Selection

Official Selection

June - 2020


Short Films

2020 Brushstroke, By Tsai Hsi Hung. United States

A Deadly Charter, By Hank Slaughter. United States

A Voice For Whales, By Selket Kaufman. United States

Belief And Belonging, By Darren Doyle. Ireland

Black & White, By Wai Kuen Fu. United States

Blue Flamer, By Adele Biraghi. United States

Carnival, By Lia Wang. United States

Daily On The Calendar, By Crisbell Rodríguez

Day After Day, By Darikson Lewis. United Kingdom

Distance Project, By Natsuko Kuroda, Hiroyoshi Murata. Japan

Do Not Open, By Moses Mugo. United States

Down River, By Flynn Donovan. United States

Edovit-20, By Matteo Trombetta. Italy

Flycatcher, By Guillermo Trujillo Accini. Colombia

Gomika, By Solomon Carreiro. United States

I'll Tell You When You're Older, By Andy Epsilantis. United States

Little Time, By Dexter Clark. Canada

Lost Tales, By Julissa Thompson. United States

Meow, By Yu Shu Grace Wang. United States

Not An Orphan, By Dexter Marsh-Taylor. United States

One, By Ariel Orama López. Puerto Rico

Over Wheels, By Rubén Pascual Tardío. Spain

Past Time, By Agatha Harris. United States

Postcards From The Island, By Cristina Ballesteros. United Kingdom

The Eve, By Luca Machnich

The Magic Behind The Mojo, By Joe Gallo. United States

The Repossession, By Jack Venturo. United States

The Senses, By Blanca García. New Zealand

The Thermometer, By Idaly Robinson. Australia

The Winter, By Xin Li. Australia

Uninspired Moments, By Kristen Brookman. United Kingdom

Universe In Favor, By Izan Martínez. Spain

Visitor, By Jeremy Minard. United States

Wadayaze, By Dieter Michael Grohmann. Belgium



Feature Films

Always Pains, By Morrie Phillips. United States

Away From The Shore, By Kostadin Bonev. Bulgaria

Blue Kangling, By Matt Blackburn. United States

Health, By Jorell Carter. United States

Iron Threads, By Jereth Hill. United States

Jungle Is My Garden, By Enrico Alexander Giordano. France

Last Call For Tomorrow, By Gary Null,  Valerie Van Cleve. United States

Special Moment, By Jazz Walker. United States

The Alliance, By Robert L Butler Jr. United States

The Fifth Time, By Kyron Wright. United States

The Value, By Evian Allen. United Kingdom

The Wetland, By Dušan Davidov. Slovakia

To Swim, By Rosie Lee. United States


Musical Video

Pindorama, By Wagner Cinelli, Marcio Oliveira. Brazil

The Hard Road Trio- Mama Spin Me Round, By Orlando Martos. United States

The Seat, By Mylan Stewart. United States


Tv/Web Serie    

A Kiss In The Rain, By Lavonn Rogers. United States

Haus Kummerveldt - Season 1, By Mark Lorei. Germany

Studying The Surroundings, By Arnie Bell. United States



Candido Caramel, By Mark Preudhomme. Unites States

Flood Of Lies, By Joey Kent. United States

The Government, By Joan Andersen. Sweden


Edovit-20, By Matteo Trombetta. Italy

Flycatcher, By Guillermo Trujillo Accini. Colombia

Over Wheels, By Rubén Pascual Tardío. Spain

The Alliance, By Robert L Butler Jr. United States

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