Official Selection

Official Selection

July - 2020


Short Films

2Ḧoom [Zu:M], By Ariel Orama López. Puerto Rico

A Voice For Whales, By Selket Kaufman. United States

Ascending, By Kennedy Davies. New Zealand

Facing The Main Street, By Marley Rogers. United States

Gaku, By Xueyan Wang. China

Golden Hour, By Alexander Hamilton. United States

Intruders, By Miguel Sahid Rodriguez, Andres F. Mejia. United States

Joshua Tree And All Of Everything, By Brad Necyk. Canada

Lighting, By Madison Hill. United States

My Vision, By Frankie Wadlow. United States

Nicholas Nature, By Venji Bobovnikov. Russian Federation

One Wish, By Jim Calarco. Canada

Organic, By Dizzy Town. United States

Pin Galant 30th Season, By Brice Blanloeil. France

Playback Is A Bitch, By Scot Sax. United States

Poisoned, By Adrian Peirce. United States

Relating, By Dominic Blumer. France

Resolution, By Charlie Lawler. Australia

Respira, By Ricardo Kalife. Mexico

Soul  Veil, By Alaa Al Sehnawi. Syrian Arab Republic

The Secret World Of Mon-Tresor, By Michael Flume. Switzerland

The Sparrow, By Matthew Ewald. United States

Today Is The Day, By Ryan Murphy. United States

Urbis Imago, By Massimo Vito Avantaggiato. Italy

What Dragged, By Riley Edwards. United States

You Will Never Go Out, By Woody Carter. United States


Feature Films

Abandoned, By Evan King. United States

Agony, By Sohyun Han. Korea

Before This, By Reagan Young. United Kingdom

Berlin, Connecticut, By Tristan St Germain. United States

Colors, By Kenai Thompson. United States

Day To Day, By Stephen Hall. United States

Drives It, By Connor Lewis. United States

Ekoua, By Abel Kouame. Côte D'ivoire

Gone With The Tree, By Shi Jie. China

Hydration, By Julian García. Spain

My Jail, By Tanairi Harris. Finland/Canada

Nachts Kommen Die Bilder, By Ulrike Korbach. Germany

Musical Video

Happy Trans Girl Like Me, By Fran Sisco. United States

There Are Heroes (Stay Put Blues), By Paul Helou. United States

The Labyrinth, By Tyrone Bell. United States



Almost Forgotten, By Elsa Guerrero. Argentina

Mars Is Ours, By Cliff Paris. United States

Missing, By Bertin Martin. Spain



Agony, By Sohyun Han. Korea

Ekoua, By Abel Kouame. Côte D'ivoire

Gone With The Tree, By Shi Jie. China

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