Official Selection

Official Selection

January - 2021

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Short Films

7 Years Art From Berlin "Brückenkunst" 2019, By Gilbert Brüning. Germany

Couch Me!, By Dieter Grohmann, Aldina Michelle Topcagic, Cruz Isael Mata. Austria

Cyber Dream, By Yanush Hay. United Kingdom

Deep Abyss, By Scott Fairchild. United States

Down The Smallest Trails, By Chandler Kendall. Australia

Fauna, By Davide Fiore. United States

Feel The Love – Winter, By Sven Allenbach. Switzerland

Field Of Sunflowers, By Otto Bullock. United States

Follow Love, On High, By Jazlyn Haggard. Hungary

Ftwrk, By Lawryn Lacroix, Kristen Brooks Sandler. United States

Good Fengshui, By Yurong Xu. China

Hope, By Sujay Putchala. United States

House Of La Reine, By Lisa Marie Tedesco. United States

Inessentials, By Raúl Rosado Maldonado. Puerto Rico

Intimate, By Darius Kane. United States

Lesley Riddle, By William Isom Ii. United States

Obsessions, By Sergio A. Delgado. Peru

Palm Tree Wind, By Aden  Griffin. United States

Panama Shock, By Isabel De Obaldia. Panama

Something To Live For, By Adva Reichman. United States

Starfish, By Skyler Howland. Germany

Take A Look, By Yody Sanchez. United States

The Call, By Melany Willis. United States

The Crossing, By Julio C Palacio. United States

The Lake, By Irene Blanco. Spain

The Master, By Yinghao Li. China

We Didn't Know The Way, But We Had A Goal, By Liana Stone. United Kingdom


Feature Films

Charlotte's Net, By James Dobbins Jones. Australia

Fisherman On An Evening, By Lawson Jennings. Holland

Flaming Star Nebula, By Derrick Bush. United Kingdom

Nebaj, By Kenneth Muller. Mexico

Plane Crash, By Ophelia Abramson. United States

Random Place, By Madelynn Derricks. United States

Rusty, By Hugo Walsh. Denmark

Simile, By Ss Jishnu Dev. India

Writing About A Love, By Mario Roccato. Italy


Tv/Web Serie    

Incompleteness, By David Ash. United States

Natural Adventure, By Bartholomew Clinton. United States

The Binoculars, By Noelle Battle. Australia


Musical Video

I Travel, Therefore I Am, By Zoey Amery. United States

Sunset Meditation, By Horatio Disney. United States

Wounded Girl, By Ziwei Li. China



Champions Of The Sea, By Shermane Carm. United States

Glasses In The Eyes, By M Emmet Walsh. United States

Loonatoona, By Shockadelic. Australia



Charlotte's Net, By James Dobbins Jones. Australia

Good Fengshui, By Yurong Xu. China

The Master, By Yinghao Li. China

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