Official Selection

Official Selection

February - 2021


Short Films

5 Moons Of Pluto, By Bradford Lee Walton. Australia

Animal Instinct, By Magnus Williams. United States

Another Drink, By Hailey Kane. United States

Came With Cuffs, By Issah Contractor. Canada

Cyber Dream, By Yanush Hay. United Kingdom

Different Desires, By Willow Kendall. Germany

Doblez, By Gabriel Vidal. Brazil

El Intercambio, By Chloe Calderon. Spain

Fridgid, By Devina Vassileva. Bulgaria

Homecoming Song, By Daniel Janke. Canada

Hot Fire, By Kelsie Wilson. United States

I Already Knew You, By Grace  Mayer. Australia

Is Noticing It, By Darcy Howland. United States

Justin And The Werloobee, By Ken Yoffe & Ellen Weisberg, John Vo. United States

Life Cycle, By Dmitriy Hanuka. United States

Love Is Something, By Joshua Scott. United States

Low Light, By Pearl Simpson. United States

Mermaid Body, By Izzie Lennon. United States

Miracle Of Science, By Michael S. Hemenway. United States

Modoru, By Kate Schumann. Australia

My Veins, By Joshua Taylor. United Kingdom

Nil Difficile Volenti, By Fabio D'avino. Italy

One Page Beijing, By Aihui Dong. China

Saving Grayson, By Breck Cuddy. United States

Stick To Manual, By Christian Antonini, Tanice Arnold. United States

The Scar, By Asher Graves. Germany

What-A-Mel-On, By Aldina Topcagic , Dieter Grohmann. Austria


Feature Films

A Thousand Times, By Bruno Fairchild. United States

Chiaroscuro, By Daryl Donaldson. United States

Colors Never Lie, By Ian Cranston. United States

In Just A Few Minutes, By Essence Derricks. Austria

Life In A Puppet, By Rajen Das. India

Paris's Apple, By Ajay Patel. United Kingdom

Turbulence In Deep Space, By Raven Clinton. United States          


Tv/Web Serie    

But ..., By Jason Bloosom. United States

Fish On A Stick, By Jan Linhart. Switzerland

Horse, By Thomas Peters. United States



Musical Video

Love, By Roonie Cooper. United States

Wax Tailor - Just A Candle, By Berkay Türk. France

Woman's Enlightenment, By Koutaro Ishida. Japan



The Chet, By Trevor Smith. United States

The Effect Of Smartphones, By Cameron Duvall. United States

Titanium, By Samantha Joys. United States



5 Moons Of Pluto, By Bradford Lee Walton. Australia

Modoru, By Kate Schumann. Australia

Saving Grayson, By Breck Cuddy. United States

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