Official Selection

Official Selection

June - 2021

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Short Films

Abel Cuerda - The Colour Painter, By Juan Antonio Moreno. Spain

Almost Entirely, By Desiree Jung. Canada

Caregiver, By Alfonso Otero. Mexico

Different Dimensions, By Alan Kendall. Germany

Don't Answer, By Abbie Willis. United States

Endless Closures, By Ginger Smith. United States

Energize Your Communications, By Christoph Göttel. Switzerland

Esperando A Lacalle Pou, By Joe Miller. United States

Everything In The Notebook, By Edna Howland. United States

In Your Dreams, By Herbert Fleming. Austria

Inside The Outset, Evoking A Space Of Passage, By Rosa Barba. Italy

Lonely, By Adele Stone. United States

Memories, By Cydney Morrison. United States

Minimally Invasive Procedure, By Chris Ramsey. United States

Motherhood, By Alireza Pirband. Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Pinnacle, By Tom Frauches, Vinicius Scalzilli, Matheus Seabra, Vinicius Romadel, Filipe Leon. Brazil

See You, By Caesar Nie. China

The Clandestine, By Peter Bolton. United Kingdom

The Lethal Experiences, By Dunstan Cox. Australia

The List, By Luciana De Oliveira.            Brazil

There's No Hell Like Home, By Russell Southam. Australia

Tricot, By Jacopo Greco D'alceo. France

Under Pressure, By Florence Graves. United States

Vantity, By Hao Cen Hou. China

Zemis Part I, By Joshua Lopez. United States


Feature Films

Before The Close Of Day, By Peter Lucas. United States

Castle In The Clouds, By Joshua Derricks. United States

Divaswapna, By Satish Davara   . India

Life Without Rhythm, By Wesley Bush. United States

My Nieces Big Fat Delhi Wedding, By Haresh Sood. United Kingdom

Paul Keller - Stille Im Schrei, By Axel Loh. Germany

Spanish Olive Grove, By Francisco Javier Fernández Bordonada. Spain

Summer In Hindsight, By Khitam Jabr. United States

The Coordinates, By Lauren Cranston. Germany

The Hijras We Met : The 3rd Gender, By Jaeyoung Kim. Korea, Republic Of

The Jewel, By Lexie Beckham. United States

The Seed, By Sabine Disney. United States


Musical Video

Cancer Is My Engine, By Sean Sebastian. United States

Desolvido, By Andrés Roa Ariza. Colombia

I Was Driving In The Cold Fog, By Olivia Gosling. United States



Motherhood, By Alireza Pirband. Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Paul Keller - Stille Im Schrei, By Axel Loh. Germany

See You, By Caesar Nie. China

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