Official Selection

Official Selection

August - 2021

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Short Films

Ants Walking Over An Armpit, By Juan Zadala - Yahaira Salazar. Venezuela

Arena, By  Myles Clohessy. United States

Colorful Fears, By Will Kim. United States

Crushed, By Jackie Garza. United States

Cuba In Africa, By Negash Abdurahman. United States

Dream About Me, By Juan Aragon. United States

Full Service, By Brandy Seymour. United States

Georgia, By Kely Lyons. United States

Half Of Everything, By Margie Kelk. United States

Half The Chocolate, By Jessica Bassett. United States

How Do We End Up In Jail?, By Tomás Harrison. Spain

Letter To Olympus, By Mtthew Chase. United States

Masar,  By Abdullah Abu Snaineh. Palestine

My Name With Yours, By Benjamin King. United States

October 05, By Cristina Keranen. United States

Our Abyss, By Bryce Weisz. United States

Our Excellence, By Larry Cornett. United States

Playtime, By T.J. Barkwill. United States

Prejudice, By Chuqi Wang. China

Rememory, By Andres Irias. United States

Room Temperature, By Brandy Seymour. United States

Sam's Photo, By Joey. New Zealand

The Candidate, By Erkut Altındağ. Turkey

The Decision, By Justin Lewis. United States

The Fall In Which I Fell In Love, By Lucas Morientes. Portugal

The Senator, By Lu Li. China.

The Visual Lens, By Sabrina Bragg. United Kingdom

Timeline, By Osbert Parker. United Kingdom


Feature Films

I Choose You, By Ben Kaling. Israel

Life Itself, By Guillermo Salinas. Chile

Moon, 66 Questions, By Jacqueline Lentzou. Greece

Musings Of An Uninspired Artist, By Ronit Jadhav. India

Shave To Reborn, By Ellen Pun. China

The Ancient City, By Joshua Saperstein. Austria

The Creature, By Henry Neff. United States

The Goblin, By John Goodman. Australia

Thorny, By Mindy Crystal. United States


Musical Video

Elohim's Theme, By Serina Aramaki. Japan

Natural, By Ron Granger. United States

Youniverse X Hirie, By Hans Boysen. United States



A Package Of Dreams, By Bradley Look. United States

In Contact, By Lord Miller. United States

The Character, By Sam Huron. United States



Colorful Fears, By Will Kim. United States

Life Itself, By Guillermo Salinas. Chile

The Candidate, By Erkut Altındağ. Turkey

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