Official Selection

Official Selection

January - 2022

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Short Films

A Call From Your Ex, By Isaac Pradel Leal. Spain

A Jesuit, By Angus Mcmaster. Canada

Adventures In The Mountains, By Jeffrey Graham. United States   

Air Energies, By Gina Schull. Spain

Antarctica, By Anirban Mandal. India

Beach, Sun And Action, By Meghan Rafferty. Austria

Before Or After, By Surender Singh. United States

Cold Fire, By Sarah Markle. United States

Dents Of History, By Aaron Harris. United States

Ellipsis, By Abhirup Halder & Raunaq Das. India            

Endless, By Katherine Wright. Canada

February 03, By Rick Macht. Germany

Horror Job Interviews, Isaac Pradel Leal. Spain

Korean Genocide, By Seung-Il Chon. Korea, Republic Of

Lack Of Control In Zoo, By Rachael Korsh. Germany

Managed, By Janaé Rachel Ballot. Estados Unidos               

Mr Google, By Bradley Helms. United Kingdom

Origin, By Fung Genie. Korea, Republic Of

Pity, A Film Poem, By Anmar Taha, Josephine Gray. Sweden

Reverse Papers, By Patrick Hoffman. United States

The Children Of An Endless Dream, By Aris Katsigiannis, Giannis Michelopoulos. Greece

The Gullible Poor, By Janaki Raman. India   

Vancouver, By Ralph B. Pena. United States

What If Science Is Real?, By Judy Klass. United States

Feature Films

8 Don 75 Fakta Ichchashakti Havi, By Sushrut Bhagwat. India

Beyle: The Artist And Her Legacy, By Christa Whitney, Liz Walber. United States

Bonds Of The Past, By Melissa Swardson. Swedden

Holes In The Wall, By Todd Epps. United States

Little Devils, By Sasha Mccarthy. United Kingdom

Story Of A Star, By Mario Selim. Chile

The Desire To Live, By Mariam Avetisyan. Armenia

The Pen Ink, By John Cooper. United States

Turning The Hands Of Fate, By Jinming Dong. China

Verona, By Ane Siderman. Brazil


Musical Video

Guile - Midnight Francine, By Peter Renzullo. Australia

Leisure Machine, By Jim Batt. Australia

Origen, By Paco Álvarez. Mexico



Hope's Ravens, By Catherine Schandl. Canada

Life Is A Soap Opera, By Judy Klass. United States

Trail Of Blood, By Fiore Derosa. United States



Korean Genocide, By Seung-Il Chon. Korea, Republic Of

Leisure Machine, By Jim Batt. Australia

Origen, By Paco Álvarez. Mexico

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