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Official Selection

Official Selection

December - 2022

Dream Soccer.jpeg

Short Films

A Boy Of May, By Seung-Il Chon. Korea, Republic Of

All Online, By Sauce Martínez. Spain

Back To Apirol, By Luoxi Liu. United States

Bound Legs, By Karoly Palfai. Hungary

Calculator, By Cachemir Butler. Germany

Camila, By Mila Allen. United States

Christmas, By Carson Reed. United States

Disconnected, By Azra Savasan. Turkey

Don't Laugh, Bye Theodore Ross. United States

Flavored, By Jichen Li. China

Follow You, By Brody Turner. United States

Good Bye Susan , By Yi Xia. China

Hypnotherapology, By Muhammed Ibnunoordin, Soeren Addicks. Singapore

I'm Still On The Road, By Wyatt Wright. United States

Lost Mother, By Zelong Liu. Chile

Mamita, By Silvio A. Arellano. Peru

No Uniform Day, By Yunqu Wang. United States

North Star, By Soundwave Studios. United States

Only If I Could Talk, By Defne Say. Turkey

Original Wish, By Xinyu Guo. China

Resonant Village Song, By Zhang Jiancheng. China

Someday, By Austin Barnes. United States

Strike A High Note, By Nina Cuso. United States

The Black Man's Guide To World Travel - Medellin Colombia, By Marques Wilson. United States

The Errant King, By Alexon Duprey. Puerto Rico

The Plan, By Alfred Ludlow. China

The Power Went Out, By Sarah Adams. United Kingdom

Therapeutic Soil, By Aaliyah Chantel Marie Joseph. Barbados

You Changed Everything, By Alexander Jenkins. Austria


Feature Films

Award, By Matthew Green. Australia

Discussions, By Rocky Castañeda. Mexico

Dream Soccer, By Yang Xiao. China

Party, By Neo Donato. Spain

Shirin Ebadi: Until We Are Free, By Dawn Gifford Engle. United States

Srpska: The Struggle For Freedom, By Boris Malagurski. Canada

The American Good Samaritans, By Ara Mnatsakanyan. Armenia

White Rabbit, By Becka Oliveira. Brazil



Bound Legs, By Karoly Palfai. Hungary

Good Bye Susan , By Yi Xia. China

The Plan, By Alfred Ludlow. China

good bye susan.jpeg
The plan.jpg
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