Official Selection

Official Selection

February - 2022

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Short Films

11:15, By Noah Anderson. United States

3000, By Chin Hsiang Chang. United States

50 Days: The Way Of Love, By Vamshi Krishna Achutha. United States

A View Through Walls..., By Thomas Clark. United States

Awkward Endeavors, By Derek Frey. United States

Blood, By Saeed Khajeh Nouri. Iran    

Charlie Surfer, By Pia Strømme. Norway

Ever So Slightly, By François Blouin. Canada

Feel Free To Use This Image, By Dakota Harris. United States

Gregory, By Ildiko Mayr

I Need You To Hold Me, By Elijah Jones. United States

My Partner Giraffe, By Salahddin Noori Motaghi. Iran    

Old And Young..., By Laila Montes. Spain

Pass:On, By Pablo Daniel Magee. United Kingdom

Path To The Waterfall, By Charlotte Scott. Australia

Skate Day, By Liam Johnson. United States

Sonar, By Alfredo Uzeta. Mexico

Stellest Genesis, By Pablo Daniel Magee. France

The Blessing, By Per Gunnar Økland. Norway

The Cup Is Already Filling Up, By Debora Elgeholm. Sweden

The Dawn Highlighting The Pedestrians, By Alyssia Stamp. Germany

Valentine's Day And A Pink Background, By Oliver Lewis. United States

Voices And Locks, By Lham Bakir. Turkey   

When Will I Be Free, By Emma Jones. United Kingdom

Wine And Fox, By Chuanfa Wan. China


Feature Films

And Outside Life Goes On, By Daniel Maurer. Switzerland

Everything That Could Have Been, By Trond Kvig Andreassen. Norway

Extreme Reflections, By Dr. Teresa Herminia Mular. United States

I'm Not Looking For You, I'm Looking For Myself, By Lucas Davis. United States

Regional Exchange Center, Iriso, By Mitsuo Kurihara. Japan

Secrets, Dreams, Faith And Wonder: A Visual Music Film, By Stephen Travis Pope. United States

The Destruction On Your Dock, By James Carter. United States

The Eruption, By William Green. Australia

Time To Revolt, By Lindsey Hill. United States


Musical Video

Autumn Paths, By Thomas Thorne. Germany

I A, By Vince Williams. Guatemala

On The Wall, By Sara Ridle. United States



Dear Eszter, By Alex Balassa. Chile

The Rat, By Loren White. United States

Yellow Slide, By Sam Miller. United States



Awkward Endeavors, By Derek Frey. United States

Charlie Surfer, By Pia Strømme. Norway

Everything That Could Have Been, By Trond Kvig Andreassen. Norway

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