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Official Selection

Official Selection

August - 2022


Short Films

A Leaf, By Rui Wang. United States

Blood Gum, By Jonathan Terence May. Australia

Closures, By Matty Fewings. United States

Double-Bogey Player Begins, By Woojin Song. Korea, Republic Of

Forgive Me, By Sam Matheus. Germany

Like A Tangled Wire, By Elena. United States

Min, By Linda Cushma. United States

My Bottle, By Mathews Frade. United States

Mystery Of Art, By Mateo Padula. Argentina

Out Of The Abyss, By Guang Wei Yan. China

Patient Zero, By Ilia Smirnov. Russian Federation

Purple, By Xinlin – Wang. China

Rooftop, By Nevena Nikolova, Petar Gerzilov. Bulgaria

Stay Home For Us - Covid-19  In Icu , By Peiju Huang. Taiwan

The Cap And Baldness, By Alexie Popov. Russia

The Conch, By Sergi Logan. Australia

The Furniture Cushions, By Nick Doan. United States

The Horns, By Samantha Owens. Austria

The Poster, By Jacob Gades. United States

The Thief, By Arturo Brena. United States

They Were Soldiers, By Xujia Zhou. China

To Mars, By Michael Adame. United States

Undeclared , By Xuan Jia. China

Underwater, By Yuang Lin. China


Feature Films

Gladiator Stadium, By Joe Weaver. United States

I Am Mine Alone, By Richard Douglas Jensen. United States

I Will Be Strong, By Felicia Martínez. Spain

My Two Moms (A Story Of Separation) , By Olga Mérediz. United States

Nails And Cat, By Jason Huff. United States

Party Ball, By Brenna Sumila. United States

Phantom Or The Opera, By Roger Ho-Wan Chow. Hong Kong

Shadow Of The Night , By Radhakrishnan Parthiban. India

The Unfinished Melody, By Martin Kutnowski, Lucas Morillo. Canada

Vertigo, By Haruo Inoue. Japan



Felicia's Prince Of The Morning Star, By Robert Lugto. United States

Pomegranate, By Kam Koushan. United States

Stars, By Patrice Medelson. United States



Shadow Of The Night , By Radhakrishnan Parthiban. India

The Thief, By Arturo Brena. United States

Underwater, By Yuang Lin. China

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