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Official Selection

Official Selection

April - 2018


Acceptance, By Sheila Sandhu. India           

Anormal, By Luis Galán. Spain    

Belle-Île-En-Mer, A Breton And Acadian Island, By Phil Comeau. Canada  

Burned, By Vera Neverkevich Hill & Daniel Libman. Canada           

By Blood, By Guillaume Enard & Jonathan Delerue. France            

Dream Of Championship, By Sophia Ehrnrooth. Finland      

Easy Welfare - This Life Is Yours!, By Andrea Casadio. Italy           

Edag Mwc, By Johannes Ginsberg. Germany        

El Coraje , By Eduardo Maquieira. Uruguay          

Futureworld, By Christopher Angus. Canada   

Her Son, By Katharina Woll. Germany     

King Kong, By Lo Xu-Ming Tong. Canada

Lazarus' Resurrection Won't Do Any Good, By Clodoaldo Lino. Brazil

Megha...A Song Of Silence, By Neeru Khera & Ujjwal Pandey. India           

Mmf, By Leonard Garner. Germany         

Nimmermehr, By Nils Helling. Germany  

Passion Gap, By Matt Portman & Jason Donald. United Kingdom 

Proxy, By Eric Schuman. United States                   

Psych0nauts, By Israel Granja Hernández. Mexico             

Sean With A Young Smile, By Jiin F. Chang. United States               

Shelter, By Daniel Andrew Wunderer. Austria      

Silence, By Morgan Russell. United States            

Songs For A Farewell, By Sebastián López. Chile  

The Devil Needs A Fix, By Ian Ebright. United States         

The Hen, By David Braun. France                             

The Intelligence! -The Counterattack Of Robots, By Suisei Hoshii. Japan  

The Pony No One Could Ride, By Gary Winstead. United States    

The Shadow Of The Night, By Jari Oikuri. Finland

Vesper, By Keyvan Sheikhalishahi. France                  

Was Wir Wissen, By Lotta Schwerk. Germany      

Waspart , By Salvador Conesa Tejada. Spain        

What Makes You Dance?, By Yoojin Kwon. Japan              

Whoever Was Using This Bed, By Andrew Kotatko. Australia           

You And Me, By Mrigank Dubey. India   




Blue Skies On Mars, By Brian Lutes. Canada         

Die Tracht, By Fritz V. Eichhorn. Germany             

Land Divers, By Peter Hsui. Taiwan    

Nona, By Steffen Hildebrandt. Germany 

Once There Was A Girl, By Natalie Kaplan. Israel

Poetry & Melody, By Flávio Colombini. Brazil  

Saint Mary's Black Sheep, By Visnja Skorin & Kristina Boticeli. Croatia       

Shop Of Little Pleasures, By Julia Frick. Austria  

The Radicalization Of Jeff Boyd, By Uwe Schwarzwalder. Switzerland       

Transit, By Oliver Meinborn. Germany    

Tuna, Farofa & Spaghetti, By Riccardo P Rossi. Brazil       

Wedgetail, By Greg Blakey. Germany         




Amor Ti Vieta, By Kajart. Canada              

Be My Rebel, By Virgil Widrich. Germany  

Héroes Del Sábado, By Miguel Ángel González Cámara. Spain         

Kt&W - Batucada, By Nono Ayuso. United Kingdom         

My Sun And Life, By Aramayis Hayrapetyan. Armenia       

Sólo Me Queda Soñar, By Alfredo Contreras. Spain              

Yes But No, By Aleksandras Brokas & Serena Corvaglia. France    




Nemausus, By Quentin Uriel. France       

The Key, By Justin Derek. Canada

The World Cup, By Donatto Gasparini. Italy



Cotton Night, By Mark Dodley. United States

Dark Lilies, By Antonin Thauvin. France

Trauma, By Sheila Sandhu & Puja Ballutia. India    

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