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Official Selection

Official Selection

March - 2023


Short Films

A Change, By Yatra Srinivassan. India

Ancient Chemistry, By James Morrison

Bamber Bridge, By Mark D. Bonner. United States

Deadly Breath, By Philippa Rose

Duality Of The Creative Xplorer, By John Tashiro. United States

Hevel, By Dan Vaida. Canada

His Name Was Jermaine, By Paul Jackson

In The Sunshine, By Ni Zhao. China

Investigation, By Alfred Ludlow. China

Kid Chocolate, By Brandon Alexander, Pedro Escobar. United States

Lookout, By Jerson Guimaraes. Brazil

Lost Body, By Valentina Camejo. Colombia

Microscope, By Konstantyn Napolov. Netherlands

My Faith, By Frank Carpio. Argentina

On Hold, By Tony Soteldo. Puerto Rico

Quiero Que Sepas, By Luis Chongo Cardenas. United States

Second Wind, By Ernestine Azeh. Cameroon

Tammy My Lov, By Manuelka Parra. Colombia

That Will Be My House, By Manny Correa. México

The Adventures Of Tracajare, By Joaquim Haickel, Sergio Martinelli. Brazil

The Begin Influencer, By Enzo Bossio. Italy

The Red Creek Sessions, By Justin Harris. United States

The Song Of The Nameless, By John Mcnamara

The Wait, By Rik Langan. United Kingdom

Walinong Sari, By Eugene Foo. Malaysia

Witch, Reborn, By Maria Shevtsova. United Kingdom


Feature Films

A Secret Behind The Light, By Wolfgang Schumacher. Germany

Dimitris Skyllas: Afterpop, By Dimitrios Zivopoulos. Greece

Duel Of Champions, By Charity Fraser. United States

Guarnicê - Uma História Pra Contar, By Fernando Baima. Brazil

Healing Dakota, By James Michael Lamonte, K9 Dakota. United States

Temazcal Toci, By Laetitia Guerin. Mexico

The Alliance 2 The Hunt For Breeze, By Robert L Butler Jr. United States

Valentine's Day, By Michael Landscape. United States

Waterfront Waterfall, By Victor Campos. Spain



Alta California, By Lynn Elliott. United States

Drops Of Sunlight, By Kristy Lee. United States

Nebraska Night, By Mariel Mathison. United States



Bamber Bridge, By Mark D. Bonner. United States

Second Wind, By Ernestine Azeh. Cameroon

Walinong Sari, By Eugene Foo. Malaysia

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