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Official Selection

Official Selection

May - 2018


A Rape, By Dhiman Paul. India

A Stubborn Old Man, By Qie Guowei. China

A Tale With Christ And Jesus, By Oldren Romero. Cuba    

A Walk In The Park, By Dieter-Michael Grohmann. Belgium           

Afar, By Alexandra Roca. Spain 

Beta, By Kai Erfurt. Germany      

By The Book, By Miguel Cruz Carretero. United States     

Chaney, By Octavio Revol Molina & Gastón Revol Molina. Argentina        

Devoción, By Claudio Ubilla. Chile           

Doppelgänger, Inc., By Andrés Hernández Covarrubias. Mexico   

Ghalbe Mehreban, By Eisa Babaeei. Iran

Hiv x Love ?, By Katsuhide Yamago. Japan            

Humphrey, By Steven Gekas. Greece       

Incubus, By Georgia Chioni. Greece              

Look, By Gülten Ağrıtmış. Turkey              

Lost In The Way, By Elyas Askarpour. Iran            

M'66, By Jacqueline König. Germany       

Masterpiece, By Marc Eikelenboom. Netherlands             

Morphosis, By Santiago Castaño. Colombia         

My Secret Lake, By Yael Deynes. United States      

Now That I Found You, By Riccardo Riande. Italy              

Pornality, By Andrea Borgomaneri. Italy    

Redruby, By Jose Holder. United States

Runner, By Mike Mcdougall. South Africa             

Shalim Goodbye, By Jacopo  Manzari. San Marino

Silent Screams, By Susana Sánchez-Carballo. Costa Rica  

Sparkle, By Katsuhide Yamago. Japan     

Tang An, By Zihao Chen. United States   

The Noise Of The Light, By Valentin Petit. France              

To Garbo And Lenin, By Jessica Laurén. Sweden

Toilet Man, By Chenyang Shu. United States        

Voice, By Takeshi Kushida. Japan

Witwet, By Marwa Abu Khalil. Syrian Arab Republic


Feature Films


Aakashee Pullover, By Orpheus Mukhoty. India                  

Calm In Chaos, By Tracey April Cochrane. Canada             

Creepy Crawling, By Chelsea Comeau. Canada    

Dad, By Nicolas Mileli. Korea         

Edakallu Guddada Mele, By Vivin Surya. India      

In The Shadow Of Mother Tree, By Jibin George James. India       

Invisible, By Sandeepp Chatterjee. India 

Montecastro, By Julian Reboratti. Argentina        

Practices Without Return, By Miguel Castillo García. Spain            

The Last Divide, By Dillon Garland. Canada           

The March Of Hope, By Jim Kroft. Germany         


Musical Videos


Madness, By Raul Simao. Australia

Shadow , By Marta Puig. Spain      

Spring In Paris, By Patrick Cassidy. United States    


Tv/Web Serie


Barker Hole, By Jason Brasier. United States        

Ham For The Family, Zoe Daniel. Canada

September Moon, By Angela Rogers. United States

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