Official Selection

Official Selection

June - 2018

Short Films

A Being Of Peace, By Ingrid Melillo. Spain 

A Journey To A Dream, By Katherine Yoon. Korea

Black Mass, By Thotti Cardoso. Brazil

Blindness, By Hosein Habibi. Iran              

Break Boundaries, By Bob Van De Gronde. Netherlands  

Caducea, By Christophe Mavroudis. Belgium       

Elena, By Ayerim Villanueva. Costa Rica    

Enchanted Burrows, By Tommy Juliet. France         

Evil, By George Spencer. United States

Golden Apes, By Janice Edwards. United States      

Halcyon Days, By Matthias Zucker. Germany       

I'am, By Christopher Eadicicco. United States      

I'll Walk With God, By Ian Woodard. United Kingdom

Invisible Murder, By Sirada Tritruengtassana. Thailand     

Just After Midnight, By Jean-Raymond Garcia & Anne-Marie Puga. France              

Kioskos Chicha, By Carlos Llerena Aguirre. Peru 

Love Song: The Triumph And Tragedy Of Tchaikovsky, By Ian Woodward. United Kingdom              

Mini Miss, By Rachel Daisy Ellis. Brazil

Mother In Law, By Patricia Esteves. Colombia

Neurotic, By Archit Upadhyay. United States       

No Huyas, By Santiago García. Spain / United Kingdom                  

Penthouse With Nothing, By Fabienne Bird. France.

Round-Trip, By Victor Cesca. France        

Sophie, By Luis Gustavo Favoreto. Brazil

Tapferkeit, By Joseph Quinn. United States

The Christmas Rabbit, By Christophe Lopez-Huici. France

The Eve, By Luca Machnich

The Feeling Of Not Being, By Marco Strada. Spain 

The Flying Of Leaves, By Fabio Teriaca. Italy        

The Intersecting Lines, By Mingduan Wang. China

The Last Message, By Oscar Monton Hueso. Spain           

The World Of Hope, By Ettore Pasculli. Italy        

Feature Films


Aliens With Knives, By Struan Sutherland & Nicole Steeves. Canada

Citizen Animal, By Oliver Kyr. Germany

Dunham Deaf Boy, By Ladan Sahraei. Canada

Influenza, By Bjarke Underbjerg. Denmark           

Kharam, By Dr. Jose. P. V. India

Puya - In The Circle Of Time, By Shahbaz Noshir. Germany            

Roundabout, By Paul Kimball. Canada                       

Sharp Tools, By Nujoom Alghanem. United Arab Emirates             

The Ancient Woods, By Mindaugas Survila. Lithuania            

The Legend Of Silver‌ Fang Eagle, By Rasool Salimian. Iran

The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything, By The Church Of Almighty God. Korea

The Sillar Stonecutters, By Alfredo Benavides Watmough. Peru       


Musical Videos


Complacent, By Cale Wilbanks. United States      

Love Ghost 24-7, By Alexandra Hohner. United States     

Noche En El Paraiso, By Donna Greenberg. Canada